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Sick Leave Buyout and Absence Reports (5/11/17)

Topic:  Sick Leave Buyout and Absence Reports

Meeting Date/Time:  May 11, 2017

Meeting Facilitator(s):  Brian Lanier

WebEx Recording:  Due to the personal information available within this Listen & Learn remediation session, the recording is being hosted in the Community of Practice Canvas course. This is in keeping with our FERPA commitment. All SSN/Bank Data are redacted. Please contact Jo Munroe for viewing access.

Key HCM Module Involved

  • Absence Management
  • Payroll

Remediation Ticket Information

Ticket # Requirement ID Requirement Description Assoc. Topic
20531 PY43 Process mandatory and optional cash-out of leave balances based on user-defined criteria (e.g., termination; severance; annual sick leave cash-out; excess vacation balances; end of year comp time balance). Sick Leave Buyout customization
20759 TL66 Automatically update accruals for, including but not limited to; vacation, sick leave, comp time, paid non-working days, LWOP, mandatory and optional cash outs, etc. Sick Leave Buyout customization
20336 BA22 Track and report on leave banking based on user-defined criteria (e.g., shared leave; mandatory and optional cash outs). Custom report changes

Meeting Topics

  • (S/T)  Sick Leave Buyout (possible customization)
  • (S/T)  Absentee Time Costs (custom report changes)
  • (S/T)  Absence Time Ordered Reports (custom report changes)

Meeting Notes

Spokane: Sick Leave buy out is mandated by the state and is the same across the board.

We need a report that pulls all the related information for year end.

  • Need sick leave balance and the amount they can actually cash out  AM and Job Data together in a Query to see the total balance, what they’ve taken, accrued, hourly rate of pay  accrued but not used.

Josie: displays two of the current reports


  • Buyout report
  • Absence Time Order (Leave Balances, Separated Employees with Leave Balances, and Employee with the Leave Balances but no leave accrual plans)


Nan: This is one tool. This would not show what we need.

Gwendy:   Not sure if the buyout report is accurate.

When you run the report does it prompt the year you’d like to look at? It should not pull anyone who has a negative balance.

Josie: This should reflect the values for those who are eligible to use or buyout their remaining balances.

Gwendy: Concern is that accruals don’t run until January so running this in December wouldn’t provide accurate data.  Previously we had to validate each and every person who was eligible for buyout.

Josie: The goal is to review this and have you (college users) to tell us what works and does not work for you in the report.

  • What rates (job data, FWL) should we really be pulling in the reports.

Gwendy: If we could get a formula in the report that would work best, since the information from FWL does not match Job Data.

Melody: Can provide Josie a copy of the spreadsheet that includes the formula for calculating the FTE

Gwendy: Rate of pay for PTF is currently housed in FWL can that be moved into Job Data?

Josie:  We can improve the reports to return the values you want for a huge amount of the college population (with the exception to PTF)

Gwendy: Why do we have to use the 12/31 date?

Josie: That’s the “through” date in the Absence Balances and you’ll need to enter a separate “through” date for each Absence Type that has a date other than 12/31.

Sanjiv: Need to look at two things when reviewing the reports.

  1. Structure: Does it have the structure of the report we want?
  2. Data: Is the data correct? This could be wrong for many reasons (example: Job Data or calculations)

Josie: What would you like to see?

Gwendy: Is this something we would see as a view only or have the ability to update?

Josie: Goal is that you could create/update similar to the PSHUP

LeAnne: Can a code be created that only the Leave Admin can access?

Brian: LPA already exists and is only accessible to Leave Admins.

Sanjiv: We can make this coded as an adjustment not an event

LeAnne: If the code is created as an event can the employee still see the data for informational purposes to verify that they took that leave and/or bought out that leave.

Sanjiv: We’re trying to build a page for historical data to be stored but we can’t keep it in the Absence Event page.

LeAnne: Wants the Employees to be able to see the historical Data.

Nan: We have to know in advance and have an audit

Brian: This will be reflected on their paystub so the employee will have record of it.

Gwendy: Things we need -  Empl ID, Empl Record, Hours, Rate of Pay, Combo Code (The account # changes for sick leave buyout and vacation leave buyout)

Josie: Is Tacoma doing something similar?

Mark: No, the chart field is not different than what’s on Job Data.

Gwendy: Spokane is setup differently.

Mark: There is a report we run that tells us what all the buyouts are and then we send it out asking who wants to buyout. Is there a way to create a checkbox to indicate that the employee has requested a buyout and then it feeds into the system to create the Payline?

We are approaching the fiscal year end and we’ll need to report out the Leave Liability Reports. Do we have accurate Leave Liability Reports?


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