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Grants Billing Process Solution Design Part 1

Purpose: Remediation WebEx Solution Design session for Grants Billing Process

Audience: All College Staff

Grants Billing Processes Meeting Information

Solution Identification (Design)

Topic: Grants Billing Processes

Meeting Date/Time: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 2:30 - 4:00pm

Meeting Facilitator: Christyanna Dawson

Meeting Information: Grants Billing Processes WebEx Recordings

Meeting Objective

Remediation Solution Identification  The goal of this meeting is to gain a mutual understanding of the viable options for remediating the identified.  For example, if there is a reporting gap, we would discuss any delivered pages or reports that provide the required information or if a query would need to be developed.

Key Finance Modules Involved

  • Grants
  • Billing
  • General Ledger (GL)

Meeting Topics

The Complete Grant/Billing Process

  1. Topic: The Complete Grant/Billing Process
    1. From College Critical Issues
      1. Complete Grant Billing Process.
  2. Gap Topic Findings
    1. Document from Step A-Z (for each type of Contract)
      1. One document from after the Proposal process to the a actual invoice (including AR what happens , how it connects with Billing AR module)
        1. Also what you should see in Project Resource Table/GL
        2. How to troubleshoot if these don’t match
      2. Starting with the Cost Collection Process
      3. Currently the Payroll/SF  is not included in the Cost Collection Process
      4. What are the accounts that are being used from the beginning to end process
      5. Job to produce an invoice would then be automated (after the process is seen )
      6. Flowchart of process and the modules involved
  3. Solution Identification
    1. Training
      1. QRG that has step by step processing for each type of contract(this needs to include a flowchart of the modules involved) (accounts need to be used and shown in the document)
      2. Have Wave one go through the QRG to see what is missing (suggestion)
      3. Hands on, identifying what is being done wrong and how to correct it.
      4. Payroll transactions available to cost collect in the PQA environment; then Live Webex on the billing process, just seeing the process and then possibly
      5. QRG on how to run the cost collection process,
        1. Testing in a different environment would be needed
      6. QRG for F&A only and how it is used

Billing Invoice Date Inheritance

  1. Topic: Billing Invoice Date Inheritance
    1. From College Critical Issues
      1. “The invoice date and due dates are being overwritten on invoices by the date the invoice is printed, that must be changed from an accounting perspective. “
  2. Gap Topic Findings
    1. From the billing module interface the date prints only the current date of generation
      1. When the interface is ran
    2. Terms- Net 30 instead it is “due immediately” on the actual invoice
  3. Solution Identification
    1. Start with Training on where the invoice date is needed and then see if more gaps are identified.
    2. QRG is also needed for each contract type
    3. Check to see where the Terms information is feeding from to populate the invoice.

Billing Invoice Formatting

  1. Topic: Billing Invoice Formatting
    1. From College Critical Issues
      1. “Grant and Contract billing invoices produced in an automated format vendors, such as federal and state grantors, will accept. The invoices must summarize costs in a prescribed manner.
      2. ”Grant billing invoices produced in a format vendors, such as Foreign Embassies, will accept.”
  2. Gap Topic Findings
    1. Summarize the data for the vendors
      1. Example: Goods and Services total expense is listed
      2. Not practical with each line listed individually needs to be in a summary format
    2. Use tax is listed separately-Needs to be summarized
    3. Goods and services on one line is needed
      1. Words not account number on the summary
    4. Remit and Billing needs to be repositioned for mailing
    5. Possibly more than one template created to use
      1. Headstart grant, state grants and then maybe a general use (examples)
    6. Better logo if possible
    7. Student Account (3rd party)Lisa will have Jane send more information on this
  3. Solution Identification
    1. Expense at a summary level
    2. Follow up with John B.on the template
    3. Need more information on template
    4. The invoices need to Print correctly at the summary level

Compliance Reporting

  1. Topic: Compliance reporting
    1. From College Critical Issues
      1. ” Compliance and other reporting issues resolved including accurate grant and contract billing”
  2. Gap Topic Findings
    1. Headstart
      1. Out of compliance with not being able to bill
      2. Report
      3. Include drawdown amounts to what has been posted to the GL
        1. Diana and Nerm will send example of what was used in Legacy
        2. Diana Provided reports from legacy that listed the following:
          1. Payroll expenses (SID, Name, account, salary, and benefits broken out)
          2. (PM1209)Monthly expenses for the grant (salaries, benefits, good and services etc.)
          3. Grant Expense, encumbrances, totals
  3. Solution Identification
    1. Grant Expenditure Report  Send out the Query name to Spokane (emailed on 5/10/17)
    2. Report that ties the source transactions back to the compliance report
      1. From the GL and not HCM to tie back to
        1. The PM1209 information (Project Ledger need to be checked Journal entries need to be on this also)
      2. Send Project Ledger query to Spokane to look at (created ticket on 5/10/17)

Correcting Project/Grant Expenses at the Source

  1. Topic: Correcting Project/Grant Expenses at the Source
    1. From College Critical Issues
      1. “Correcting Expenses in the Sub Systems. Pushing expenses “back to the source” training.”
  2. Gap Topic Findings
    1. Needs more training and discussion about how and when this is needed
      1. Timing
  3. Solution Identification
    1. QRG done first and then the WebEx, for people to follow
    2. Timing needs to be addressed in the QRG’s (month close, pcard transactions )
    3. How to handle “bulk” transactions that need to be moved

Duplicate Grant Proposals

  1. Topic: Duplicate Grant Proposals
    1. From College Critical Issues
      1. “Duplicate Grant Draft Proposals exist and need to be made inactive or hidden”
  2. Gap Topic Findings
    1. Nerm will ask Karen about this
    2. From Karen Ebert: When TCC went live in Aug 2015 many Grant Proposals/Awards were created in error in the learning process. I was inquiring if all grant contracts prior #99 or contains TO BE REMOVED can be made inactive or hidden for cleanup purposes.
  3. Solution Identification
    1. Look at using a filter, or using the grant portal
      1. Training on the above

Grant Portal Training

  1. Topic: Grant Portal Training
    1. From College Critical Issues
      1. Grant Portal access and training”
  2. Gap Topic Findings
    1. Lisa will talk with Misti more about this topic

From Karen Ebert: Currently the Business Managers can only see their Grant budget and activity through Commitment Control. From my understanding in the Grant Portal you can give permissions and viewing access a specific grant. This might be helpful going forward for Business Managers to be able to view the contract attachments or award info etc. Increase communication between Grants Admin and Business Managers of Grants.

  1. Solution Identification
    1. Training is needed on how to use this function
    2. QRG is needed , webex after the QRG’s are made

Grant Transaction Tracking Training

  1. Topic: Grant Transaction Tracking Training
    1. From College Critical Issues
      1. “Requested further training for Grants Module tracking expenses”
  2. Gap Topic Findings
    1. Training
    2. Billable and non billable items more training is needed with Project Costing.  The end to end process for both colleges.
    3. How the expenses get into Project Costing
    4. How to not bill for an expense
    5. P-card module how it works with Project Costing (Timing with month end)
  3. Solution Identification
    1. Training as listed in previous topics was said from both of the colleges.

Meeting Timeline

Meeting Topic Presenter(s) Topic Duration
Remediation WebEx Introduction Christyanna Dawson 15 minutes
Grant Accounting Gap Analysis and Requirements Gathering Discussion All WebEx Participants 60 minutes
End of Meeting Wrap-Up Christyanna Dawson 15 minutes

College Preparation Work – to be Done Before the Meeting

  1. Prepare to provide specifics on any perceived gaps and business requirements related to the identified meeting topics, such as:
    1. Report/Query needs
    2. Training needs
    3. Business process needs
    4. System policy/procedure needs
    5. Other barriers to processing or understanding

Topics and Associated Remediation Tickets

Grants Billing Processes

Ticket # Requirement ID Requirement Description Assoc. Topic
20227 GR87-Manage Grant Identify and generate a report on federal expenditures, based on user-defined criteria. Compliance Reporting
19864 PC141-Archiving Records Archive project records based on user-defined criteria Duplicate Grant Proposals


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