Time & Effort (5/23/17)

Topic:  Time & Effort

Meeting Date:  May 23, 2017

Meeting Facilitator(s):  Brian Lanier

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Meeting Notes

Brian:  Last session we didn't get to Time and Effort.

Josie:  R-012 suggestion for queries, R-222 is in FTDD redesign, Sick Leave buyout moved to Wave 1?

Brain:  Wave 1 would need it too.  If they went live before January then everyone would have it.  If it didn't then it wouldn't be available.  We're focused on Leave Liability first, but we want to know if we can defer Sick Leave Buyout.

Spokane:  Deferring means it might not get fixed.

Brian:  We do have a query that was created to make the Sick Leave Buyout work. We want an easier process...

Spokane:  A query doesn't change our balances in AM.  We want something so we don't have to manually reduce absence balances.

Brian:  We would be developing something closer to Legacy functionality.  This could not be tied to Wave 1.  We want to have a solution available by January.

Spokane:  So long as it's ready in January.

Tacoma:  (Also wants it by January).

Brian:  The way that Time and Effort would need to work in this system, it would require dual entry for the employees.  We are working with Finance to build project groups. The project would have to be made in Finance.  They would have to record time against the earn type that belongs to them (REG, HRY, etc.) or none if they are elapsed.  They would have to come in and record the time again under code EFFRT and then the combo code associated with the project.  They would need to the combo code provided, or the description would need to be good.

Tacoma:  We already know this code exists, and (they are concerned they will get the combo code wrong).

Brian: We can group TRCs, but without building another work group I don't know how you can have just the effort TRC.

Tacoma: Is there some reason why you're not loading the activity in project?

Brian:  That is dependent on Finance. Only employees assigned to that finance group see the project.  But they would still need to do double entry.  Yes, it would reduce what the employees sees.  But that is on Finance.  Someone at the college would have to maintain the projects regularly (more than once a year).

Tacoma:  We've asked a couple times for project queries (from Finance?).

Brian:  It's still on Finance to configure and get Project stood up.  We have talked to them about this.

Tacoma:  Karen Ebert would be the person at TCC maintaining that info, she should get input.

Brian:  This is still a global decision. If we do project in Finance, everyone must do project in Finance.

SBCTC:  We do need Time and Effort reporting, but thought that it was going to not be a global solution.

Brian:  What do people think right now?

SBCTC: Grants group was mixed over who oversees Time and Effort.  Finance is not always the people who oversee it across colleges.  Finance tends to be most successful, but many people don't divide that work like that.

Brian:  Spokane?  Thoughts?

Tacoma:  Would there ever be any sort of issue with auditing?  Like if they recorded 11 hours of EFFRT and only 8 hours of work?

Brian:  Are you saying because of the REG + EFFRT?

Tacoma:  Want to make sure it is auditable.

Brian:  We're talking in the room among SBCTC about this.  EFFRT never goes to payroll, though.  It doesn't add to their paycheck.  EFFRT is purely for tracking and reporting.  Finance is who said there was a more efficient route.  But to go the project route, then we need Finance.

Spokane:  They would never know what combo code to enter.  Would like a break on the page and then a place to enter effort alone on the timesheet.

Tacoma:  Do not like the combo coded entry.

Brian:  This is delivered PeopleSoft.  Even if we build project groups, the page would look the same.  The choice is combo codes or Finance project. But we're open to suggestions.

Spokane: Some people reported time and effort early on.

Brian:  You mean punch time.

Spokane:  Seems like you should be able to get the punch time like timesheet for classified people. (Then they talk about it internally a bit).

Brian:  If you tie it to punch time, it would still be global and it would require people to use punch time.

Tacoma:  We don't want punch time.  We want an area off to the right in the timesheet.

Brian: Let's say if we hard code it from the Job?  We can hard code it to Job if you code it to the Job then it would limit the combo codes.

Tacoma:  What happens if someone works on multiple grants during the day.

Brian:  You would still need more than one line on the timesheet to do entry.

Diane:  So the only change would be to remove the paper and generate a report.  We still manually have to go in and generate a report, journal vouchers, etc.

Brian:  Yes, the ticket itself is time and effort reporting.  HCM only concerns itself with the entry and the information pull.

Spokane:  People can't do this entry.  They aren't able to code this.  Does T&L not require position control to work properly?

Jeff:  We don't need position management.  REG uses employee account code.

Spokane:  What about benfits?

Jeff: Project costing gets the allocated on Finance side.

Spokane:  I haven't seen that work.

Brian:  So you want a solution that feeds into Finance?


Brian:  Tacoma and Spokane?

Spokane:  I want to see it before  answer.

Brian:  We just want to track, but I'm hearing from you that you want it to reports, balance and make the journal.  Is that what you said?

Spokane:  Why, if a solution is put in to allocate time, why it would't be processed in HCM and then update the GL.

SBCTC:  You get a 5% variance and we don't want it to move unless you can make a judgement on it.

Brian:  We need more discussion on this, with Finance in the room.  We need to be able to address everyone's concerns so we'll reschedule this conversation to also include Finance.  Maybe for next week.  Can everyone agree to talking about this next week?

Spokane & Tacoma:  Yes.

Tacoma:  We can't make Thursday the 25th, as a school.

Spokane:  We'll be here.










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