Queries (continued - 6/15/17)

Meeting Info:  Queries (continued)

Meeting Date:  June 15, 2017

Meeting Facilitator(s):  Brian Lanier

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Topic:  Queries requested by Spokane (continued)

Brian: Today we’re going to finish where we left off, then look at the queries that were built yesterday.

So we left off when supervisor ID changes question.

Are you still looking for a QRG for this item?

Melody: This request was submitted a year or more ago, and this has been resolved.

We know new supervisors don’t get alerted.

Brian: It can be routed, so do you want a QRG for how to route the time from old supervisor to new supervisor.

LeeAnn: Absence has the same issue.  Is this is same thing?

Brian: Yes.  If an employee switches supervisors, there is a way to route the old notifications.

Melody: When someone leaves CCS some people go in and delegate authority to someone else.  And they may or may not have authorization.  We need a query to see who has delegation of authority.

Brian: We’ll work on a query for that.  Tacoma do you want this?

Tacoma: Yes.

Brian: The next one is about seeing timesheets.

Melody: Yes, so our security doesn’t let us see exactly what everyone else sees.  We probably have it handled, but it is an issue.  Next wave could use some screenshots.

Brian: So you want HR in general to see time and leave?

Melody: I got an email from John Ginther last week so that no one can change their name without admin approval.  And I had thought we had done it already.  So I had to find someone to show him we already had shut out that screen.

Brian: I understand better what you mean.  You need to see what an “average” user sees.

Melody: Mentioned about how the Image upgrade effected the self service approval boxes.

Brian: Yes, every time we know now we have to make sure the settings didn’t change.

We probably need to go through self service as a group to decide what the baseline is for ERP.

Melody: Marital status also should be looked at.

Brian: We will look at it.

Melody: Veteran status etc. is also in there.

Brian: So the next one is about primary job flag.

Melody: That one is resolved.

Brian: So the next one is about W-2 addresses.

Melody: I think that one is old as well.

Brian: And we’ll be going electronic next W-2 anyway.

Spokane: The system allows more characters than will actually print on the check.  

Brian: I understand.

Spokane: It effects both checks and W-2s.

Brian: we’ll look to see how we can get the printing character limit changed.

Spokane: So if an employee adds a second line to their address, will it also print those lines?  Previously it was only accepting line 1.

Brian: I was not aware that was an issue.  We will look to see.  Are we going to meet Tuesday, because that’s confirm.

Tacoma and Spokane: Let’s not meet on Tuesday.

Brian: So we will show you solutions on Thursday.

Next one is write a report to capture everyone in 170P17Q1.

Melody: This was an extra quarter given to all new adjuncts.  Because they aren’t eligible for benefits for a full quarter.  Then after a quarter we have to change it to the “regular” Pay group eligibility group.

We want either a query or a mass update.

Brian: We can definitely get you a query, but we don’t think mass update is the best way.  A rule would be the best way.  If you think a rule would work for you.

Tacoma do you have the same issue?

Tacoma: No, we don’t have that.  Our adjuncts also wait, but we don’t have an issue.

Brian: For right away we can get the query done.

Next one is about security role for the benefit eligibility page.

Melody: Yes, this is primarily for our leave people.  More HR people need to know Benefit eligibility, retirement date etc.  We don’t want edit, we just want view.

Brian: And the same goes for Bio demo data, yes?

Melody: We’ve been asking for that since the beginning.  What they need to see is the mail stop and the home mailing address.

Brian: So you want a security role for view only to benefit eligibility.  And you want a view only access to tabs 2 and 3 in bio demo.

Tacoma do you want this too?

Tacoma: Yeah, it sounds useful.

Brian: Would you every need someone with view only access to everything?  Instead of by module.

Melody: Yes, kinda.  But maybe no.

Right now we have view only for HCM Job Data.  So when you say view only regardless of module…. Maybe not.

Tacoma: Yeah, not everything.  Cherry picking is better.

Brian: Then could you tell us which screens you want?  Anything besides Biodemo and Benefit Eligibility?

Melody: Would like to talk with Nan and Lisa.

Ivy: I personally think there is need for that, but when it comes to try to research issues, a lot of that isn’t available.  So it would be nice to have view only to the setup menus as well.

Brian: I could see the use for that.

Ivy: And workflow, like how workflow is set up.

Lisa: I would agree with Ivy, it would be helpful to view setup but we’d need to be careful with you had access.  And it absolutely needs to be view only.

Brian: Yes, we would need to test fully first.  And we’ll have to bring security in.

Melody: And clear definition of all roles in security.  I can’t tell what I’m always giving people based on the role names.  We want clearer definitions on what people get when people are assigned roles.

Lisa: I agree with Melody.  What do roles actually give to people.

Brian: That is for the security team, and we can ask them.

Last one on the list said that Martha and Eve didn’t have the same security.

Melody: So when I go in and give security I can give them identical security here, but there is something not happening behind the scenes.

Spokane: (has a discussion about issues with effective dates and time and labor security)

Melody: The roles match now.

Brian: I’m pretty sure I know what didn’t match.

Melody: Will we get access to it?

Brian: I can talk to people about it.  And Eve, can you send us more information about the time you can’t approve.

Eve: Sure I can copy the tickets.

Melody: Is the ticket system still the best way to get items resolved?  If we’re talking to project in remediation, but we submit tickets.

Brian: Everything we do in remediation as the project team, we have to go back afterwards and take tickets and tie them to remediation tickets and close them at the same time.  We need to link tickets after we get solutions.

Debbie: We would like to see everything.


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