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Non-Permanent Employee Type (8/10/17)

Purpose:  Remediation Web Ex Listen & Learn session for HR Core.

Audience:  All College Staff

HR Core Meeting Information

Topic:  Non-Permanent Employee Type

Meeting Date:  August 10, 2017

Meeting Facilitator(s):  Brian Lanier, Jameeka Hill & Josie Lomax

Key HCM Modules Involved

  • Benefits

Meeting Notes

Jameeka:  Follow up to non-permanent empl type.  It's added to PQA. If colleges could take some time and make sure that it shows up in CTC Job Data then it can be moved to production.  Keep in mind that item is only going to be effective after 7/1/2017.

Melody:  That sounds right.

Jameeka:  Also we talked about tenure tracking, and now the change reasons for separation and retirement are present in PQA.  Once it's confirmed there it can be moved to production.  Other questions about it still pending.  Also working on security access to Review Job Information.

Melody:  No questions here about that.

Lynn:  The non-permanent employee type...

Melody:  All WFSE, I'm not certain about WPEA.

Lynn:  Curious about reporting.

Melody:  We chatted today about it and how we're going to handle it locally.  Because of all the issues surrounding it, and the fact that there is no guideline...  we have chosen to use it as a stopgap for interns, projects, peek time employment, and a minimum of longer than one month.  Come in as step 1, they do not get leave, VAC or CSL accrual.  They will pay dues like part time hourly.  They won't get benefits unless they work 6 months or more.  So we need a different pay group.

Brian:  So I understand what you're looking for.  But for AM and Benefits, don't enroll them and it won't happen... so what is it that you're trying to cover?  Adding a new pay group means a lot of work for Payroll.  You can leave them in C17 and not do absence or benefits.

Melody:  We don't want them to accrue steps.

Brian:  We'll have a new rule for hourly CSL accrual, but there will be a new rule in creation.  We'll need to know more about how you want to deal with it if you have special eligibility groups you want.

Melody:  There's no guidance in the CBA so we're going to look at what guidance we got for part time hourly etc.  But what about petitioning for a CLA job?  That's something with the 1050 rule that isn't addressed.

Mark:  We're using non-permanent as regular Classified.

Brian:  We wanted to finish up the conversation on ESD.  We need a few more things explained.  I wish AP was here today as well.  So we know Contract Units and other items from FWL needs to be considered for ESD.  So we determined we need some things from FWL on CTC Job Data.  So right now we want to look into loading some data to CTC Job Data from FWL overnight.  We need it for ESD so we have to talk about what stuff is beneficial from FWL to the screen.

Melody: In FWL a faculty member may have multiple contracts for a dept or various depts. I was told there was not a way to bring that over.

Sam: The way this would be uploaded would be based on Empl Rcd.  So once you assign the contract with a particular Empl Rcd with total hours and total FTE and start and end date of the contract.

Melody: How often will you run it?  Will this overwrite every night?

Brian: There would be a new effective row with changes daily.  So only changes will update on Job Data with a new effective dated row.  We need contract units and hourly rate from FWL in HCM.

Sam: It was only run once a quarter (depending on college), however it could be run every day.

Brian: Would that even be beneficial to the colleges?

Melody: It would for employment verification for instance, but the concern is that multiple effective rows we get.

Brian: This hasn’t been totally determined yet.  So if it’s run once a quarter instead of every day, this is all stuff we can hammer out later.

Melody: There still a formula needed for ESD though.

Brian: That’s its own report, we’re talking about getting the data elements. We have to look at this from a bigger perspective since we need to get hourly rate for various other things like leave liability.

Melody: Total contact hours and base term load per course offering.  A contract may mix and have a workload category that is contradictory.

Brian: So if we go that route that means college would have to fill in PTF hourly rate on all reports.  We need a way to automate hourly rates for PTF.

Lynn: So when you guys report any PTF stuff do you have an hourly rate associated with that PTF that isn’t in the system?

So what I heard… I don’t understand the part where you have a base load and contact hours…. Isn’t the hourly rate one divided by the other?  So if you do that with all of them you could come up with different hourly rates?

Melody: So it depends on subject and mode of delivery.  A-I

Lynn: So everyone on A makes…

Melody: 62.85.  But someone could be A,C, and F on one job.

Lynn: So they have a bunch of these on the same job.  And the employee is teaching all these different items means that there are multiple hourly rates.

Melody: FWL was not built in the best way.  It does not do what it needs to do.  I would say scrap it and start over.

Brian: Should we even look at automation to HCM from FWL then?  But what else would you want?  Compensation?  Frequency?  Contract Dates?

Melody: Total FTE.

Brian: FTE is something we were looking at also.

Melody: I don’t know about frequency…

Brian: I mean like on this compensation page.

Melody: But FTF have their PTF jobs tied to their Empl Rcd for the FTF job.

Brian: We were aware of this issue, but we also know it’s too time consuming to update adjunct faculty.  Can you look at FWL and look at HCM and let us know what’s nice to have updated.

Melody: I’ll be on vacation next week.

Lynn: Then you’ll have to do it before you leave!

Mark: Tacoma will offsite next Thursday.

Lynn: So are we having remediation next week?

Brian: Can we pick a day we get back together on this?  It doesn’t have to be a meeting, it could be an email.

For ESD we do need some fields from FWL just to get ESD accurate.  If we’re pulling for ESD why not pull for other items we need.

Melody: Once AWE is in place we’ll get some problems handled.  But what about whether they can accrue leave.  The extra checkbox.

Brian: The Benefit checkbox is in production yes?  In FWL.  But now you want one for Leave.  We put that off because we were working on leave rules.

Melody: We’re not done with leave rules because PTF need more work done.

Brian: And that comes back to needing data from FWL.

Sanjiv: To finish rules for PTF, half of that data is in FWL and half is in HCM.  Automation will help absence as well and allow the rule to be written.

Melody: So the checkbox is still needed.

Sanjiv: Yes.

Leeanne: What about PTF who aren’t accruing yet, they will need to accrue with the new rule yes?

Brian: I think that’s a great question, but you’ll have to tell us what the rules are that apply to people.

Leeanne: Lynn can you ask Eddie Mac?

Lynn: Sure.

Brian: We don’t have any other items.  We’re looking into this automation process.  We need to be in agreement since this is global.  We need to agree where it is stored as well.  

We hear you about FWL and we’ll talk to Sam about a new meeting for FWL to address your concerns.

Mark: Once more thing about FWL in CTC Job Data. When neighboring colleges come in…

Brian: We’re setting this by company and empl rcd so it shouldn’t cause overlap.

Also there’s some information about W-4 online update.  Employees can go to it and use it now.  Gwendy said that if you run the report you get it for all colleges.

Do we want online W-4 changes to be available on this time?

Melody & Mark: No.

Brian: We’re going to have to work with the security team to fix this report.

Melody: When do we get to address security and roles?

Brian: I can look into it, but we don’t have a response at this time.


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