Volunteers (8/24/17)

Purpose:  Remediation Web Ex Session for HR Core.

Audience:  College Staff/HR Staff

Meeting Information

Topic:  Volunteers

Meeting Date:  August 24, 2017

Meeting Facilitator(s):  Brian Lanier, Jameeka Hill & Josie Lomax

Key HCM Modules Involved

  • Payroll/FWL

Meeting Notes

Topic:  Volunteers Listen and Learn, FWL Package 1 Overview

Tacoma:  It's the 2 year anniversary of PeopleSoft launch!

Tacoma:  Requested an update on Hourly Rate of Pay.

Brian:  It had some modifications made to it and it should be in UAT soon.  Before we jump into volunteers we heard about the error message sent to Jameeka and a request for a pay group so we need to hear a little more.

Spokane:  We received reports last week from Sherrie that a couple of vounteers didn't have SBO in the system. Melody commented that when we set up volunteers in Spokane it would be helpful to have a separate pay group (V17) and our volunteer setup person Marta is here today to answer questions.

Brian:  Why a new pay group, specifically?

Spokane:  The system tries to set them up for benefits etc. So it would be helpful to have it there to default things in we want. It would be easier if volumteers entered hours and right now they can't easily (?)

Melody:  L&I also needs to be submitted.  We're not reporting it correctly because many are on paper, and we want to get them in the system.

Spokane:  What about volunteers that don't work on computers?

Melody:  That's a departmental issue.  We're required by law to report time for volunteers.

Brian:  I hear you.  Having them put time into a timesheet we can do, but we don't need a pay group for that.  They could have a new work group.

Melody:  We're having trouble with benefits and volunteers.  Specifically in payroll.

Brian:  I don't know if we can control benefits off workgroup.  Right now we give them TRC codes by workgroup.  So we would create a volunteer work group, so the only TRC they would ever see is VOL.  You could still record time for L&I and track it.

Melody:  I think the intent was to pay L&I through payroll...

Spokane:  The system can't pay. We do it on a spreadsheet. And then I personally request vouchers to pay L&I.

Brian:  That TRC code means nothing goes to payroll.  A query would be run to pull the VOL hours, but it wouldn't go through payroll.

Spokane:  I have a query already to pull the VOL hours.

Brian:  Tacoma, are you having the same issues?

Mark:  We don't have that may in the system. We still do manual timesheets. You mentioned there was a query-what's it called?

Spokane:  I can send it to you. I don't know off the top of my head.

Brian:  Do you get a benefit error as well?

Mark:  I think I got it just this last time, but I don't remember seeing it before?

Brian:  Can you forward that ID to us? We're trying to figure out the connecting data points.

Mark:  Ours was odd because it was a former employee, where the whole program moved to a different college, but on person needs access so they set her up as a volunteer. So it could have been something in the transition.

Melody:  I think we need a clear definition of volunteer vs. person of interest. To me, a VOL is someone who works and we pay their L&I, and a POI is on loan from another org and those orgs pay for their time and L&I. That's what I see. We also used to be able to do reviews/evaluations in a third party system for our persons of interest etc. and give feedback on exempt employees.

Brian:  I think the definition is something that need to go to SBCTC for a global agreement.

Melody:  I don't think there was any clear definition at Go Live.

Brian:  We will pull out what PeopleSoft thinks of them, but it would just be PeopleSoft's interpretation. But the Board will have to come to a consensus. So what I have is what the difference between pay group and work group for you in the system.

Mark:  Tacoma will need to think about if we want a workgroup.

Brian:  The earn code is out there and not attached to pay code. Get that OEX workgroup?

Tacoma: Yes, for student employees on a visa. International student.

Spokane:  We want to know more about that.

Mark:  We want more workgroups for students. We'll be sending in an ERP ticket.

Melody:  I wish a similar to the request we made earlier about QRGs that we could all communicate directly and not stumble across things.  We need to talk more to Tacoma about things they have tried to reach a better system use.

Brian:  I agree we all want to be on the same page.

Melody: We want a well functioning product.

Nan:  I want to make a comment about QRGs-I would ask that if they change them, then you have an effective date on this change.

Brian:  I will work with ERP to express your concerns about QRGs. Spokane wants to know more about th international student work group. And Tacoma wants to expand that to other students.

Mark: We haven't made the request yet.

Spokane:  Will we be able to run reports off of that?

Brian:  Yes. You can run reports off any TRC. So I think we're good on volunteers. Sam wanted to give a quick preview of enhancements for FWL. Are Melody and AP here?

AP:  Yes.

Brian:  So I'm going to pass this to Sam.

Sam: Ok, so I did send this document to AP and Melody and Melody came back with questions to I wanted to explain so you all can make a plan about what you want to test.  So one of the enhancements we did is by going to the term workload for the instr. You can add a new assignment, and add testing.  Then calculate for the instr as normal.  Then you can find exactly what you typed in the grid.  You can always correct history and override the date.  The only thing you will add manually is the hours.  So we’ll put the hours here as usual, and then recalc and see the payline.  Once the payline looks good you can generate the contract.  We can see the calculation results right now.  Sorry my computer is running slowly.

Jameeka:  You might need to use someone else's.

Sam:  So the catalog numbers here didn’t exist before.  Before the admin would tell me catalog numbers, but I couldn’t reference them easily, but now there’s more information.  For special assignment I made it smaller because I didn’t need all the display information.  So now the contract tells me what is exactly on the contract.  So take this regular contract A10, before we had an issue with multiple classes for the instr it would only pick the first one.  Now it shows all the classes assigned to it.  

Melody:  When you say it doesn’t show the entire meeting pattern but will, if a portion is paid for but some is not and now it isn’t showing.  For MLC will it only show MLC or all regular as well?

Sam: Only MLC because the contract is only for MLC.  And then I’m going to go back to show you the special assignment.

AP: So I’m a little confused.  Right where you’re at, I see the pattern but I don’t like the way the pay is displayed.

Melody: This will cause confusion.  Here and with unemployment.

Sam: I can talk to Bhuvana about it.

Melody: I was not aware this was an issue.

Sam: This was an issue for Tacoma, but Spokane never stated it as an issue.

Melody: I get it but we need to balance it against what the instr thinks they are getting paid and what ESD will see.

AP: Correct.  We had a situation with a faculty regarding the meeting pattern, and I don’t know if I think this is the best solution.  We’re telling FAC you have to be 50% or FT to be benefits eligible and I don’t want duplicate information.

Sam: This is still testing.  So I will address this to Bhuvana.  Testing is how we get your comments like this.  Since we’re still building workflow, we have combo code on contract.

Tacoma: Can we exclude combo code from TCC contracts?

Sam: Yeah we can remove it.

Tacoma: What about the chart string?

Sam: That is difficult.

Tacoma: It doesn’t hurt anything, I would just prefer chart string.

Sam: You can see how small it is, just to display the information. If I go to the layout, and go to a particular contract since you maintain them, you can go here on the contract you can take out the item that forces the combo code displays. The schools can do this on their own as part of their own maintenance. This is how we control the look of the contract. This system is customizable.  Once you maintain it you can make changes as you like. Once you approve the contract an email gets sent to the instr.  I can’t demonstrate the emailing today.

Melody: Can you please forward out the email language?

AP: I would also like to know where the CS bio information lives, as not all instr have their emails populated. Many of our instr have no email at all populated.

Sam: Next thing is copy contract.  Spokane is not doing that but this is a good time to see it.  We have about 156 contract in PQA for Spokane.  We have a contract type before the calculation configuration. Since this is a lot for the college to maintain at the beginning, we now have the copy contract. If we pick A01 and then go into calc configuration for A01, I have a lot of information stored here.  So the copy function has various options. Right now I’m copying to the same institution.  

Jameeka: Did you get a prompt?

Sam: No prompt, it just copies.

Jameeka: Can you get a prompt?

Sam: So here’s the copied contract.

Melody: Is there anything that prevents you from using a name that’s already there?

Sam: For the contract name, no, but for contract description you can put the same thing and it won’t hurt anything.  The contract type is the key, not the description.

Brian: It just needs plus edits.

Jameeka & Sanjiv: When you press copy it will generate a box on the screen.  Like that.

Sam: So the copy should work well.

Melody: I may not be grasping the whole picture but I see this more like something that would be happening more with workflow in place. Once we have workflow we’re going from 300 contract types to 20.

Sam: You’ll be using this for your contracts, you’ll see.

Melody: Once we go to the workflow engine we’ll already have everything built. What’s the timeline on AWE in Campus?

Sam: Remember I told you UAT will be in late September.

Melody: So I don’t want to spend more time talking about the copy function.

AP: It’s been helpful for me.

Melody: We need to end here, there’s another meeting in this room.

Sam: You saw it all, just think about how you want to test.

Brian: We’ll pick up next week with items that are descoped or postponed.  And hopefully have an update on volunteers.





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