What is the ctcLink Document Repository (cDR)?

The ctcLink Document Repository was conceived as a central, “front door” approach for accessing all ctcLink project-related documentation.  Its purpose and scope is to facilitate the implementation of the ctcLink project and the continuing use and functioning of ctcLink as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. 


The cDR is built on the Box.com file storage and sharing platform configured specifically for the needs of the ctcLink project.  All users of the cDR will access it with a Box account. 

Who is the cDR For?

Use of the cDR is limited to SBCTC and college staff who are working to implement the ctcLink project and, to a lesser extent, the staff who work with the PeopleSoft ERP software system (ctcLink).  

Who Manages the cDR?

The cDR is managed by Angela French, who is a member of the SBCTC ctcLink project team. She can be reached by emailing cDR Manager. In addition, the cDR is governed by a team of representatives from SBCTC and five colleges.