Understanding the Folder Structure in the cDR

The cDR is set using a hierarchical folder structure with the goal of never being more than two folders deep. Rather, documents in the cDR will take advantage of the Box system of applying metadata at the time of upload which allows end users to filter search results to hone in on information.

The top-level folders in the cDR are as outlined:

  • Project Management & Planning
  • Governance
  • Business Process Diagramming
  • Communities of Practice
  • College Readiness
  • Occupational Change Management (OCM)
  • Communications
  • Data
  • Design & Configuration
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Meetings
  • Security
  • Environments & Infrastructure

Note: Not all folders may be present at launch. Content will be added on an ongoing basis.

A quick and easy way to always get directly to the content you use most is to mark it as a favorite.  All your favorites will then be accessible from a list in the left hand menu. 

To Add a File or Folder to your Favorites List:

  • Right-click the item of content when it appears in the list view, and then select Favorite from the menu, or
  • Click and drag the item to the left sidebar beneath the Favorites listing

To Remove a File or Folder from your Favorites List:

  • Right click the item and select Remove as Favorite, or
  • In the left sidebar, hover over the content item and click the that displays.