Using Search and Filtering

cDR Metadata Templates Help to Locate What You Need

Many of the documents in the cDR, especially those where there are many of the same type of documents, such as Test Scripts, have metadata associated with each document.  Metadata can provide information about documents that may not even be in the document itself. 

The cDR takes advantage of metadata templates - which are a logical grouping of metadata attributes that help classify content.

Using Built-in Search Tool

This search tutorial on the Box Community website will show you, with screenshots and video, how to become a power searcher!

cDR Metadata Templates

The following are the current metadata templates in the cDR.


Want to find all the CEMLI-Rs related to modifications?  Use the filter search by using the CEMLI-R metadata template.  It's fields are:

  • Type:
  • RFP ID


Want to find documents associate with a specific Pillar or Module?  Try the Pillar/Module metadata template. This one is especially helpful when searching for Test Scripts.

PM Reports

Want to find a project management report of a specific type?  Try the PM Reports metadata template.  It will allow you to filter by:

  • Type
  • Consultant
  • Month
  • Year


Looking for meeting minutes from a specific group?  Try the Meetings metadata template. It will allow you to filter by:

  • Meeting Group
  • Month
  • Year
  • Type of document