Viewing Notifications

The Notifications page displays information about events in Box that require your attention. Navigate to the Notifications page by clicking Notifications in the left hand sidebar. 

Upon navigating to the Notifications page, you will see a list of all your notifications sorted by date.

The following items are displayed:

  • Collaboration invites
  • @mentions (in comments)
  • Tasks you assigned others
  • Tasks assigned to you
  • File/Collaborator Expirations 

Select a message in the left-hand column to see more detail. From there, you will have the opportunity to take further steps to view a file or folder or take action on a message depending on whether it is a task, invite, @mention, or expiration. In most cases, you can navigate from the Notifications page directly to the piece of content that requires action. 

In the upper right-hand corner of all notifications, you will see a flag icon. Click this icon to mark messages as unread.

Filtering Notifications

Click All in the upper left corner and select a specific notification type from the dropdown menu to filter for that type. 

 Unread shows you all unread notifications.  

  • Incomplete Tasks shows you any tasks you have been assigned and not yet completed. 
  • Sent Tasks shows you a list of the tasks you have assigned to your collaborators and are waiting for them to complete.
  • Pending Invites shows you a list of the invitations you have received to collaborate on folders.

    • If you receive an invitation to collaborate that has strong password requirements, you can choose to either Change Password to accept the invitation or Reject the invitation. If you choose Change Password, you will be prompted to change your Box password to meet the stricter criteria. 
    • If you receive an invitation to collaborate that has a custom Terms of Service agreement, you will shown the Terms of Service with the invitation and be prompted to either Agree and Accept (meaning you accept the invitation and agree to the Terms of Service) or Reject the invitation completely.
  • Unread @Mentions shows you comments where you have been mentioned by name.
  • Expirations shows you any content or collaborations that are set to expire in a week or less.