9.2 Award Degree & Degree Honors

Purpose:  To award a degree and degree honors in ctcLink.

Audience:  Records and Enrollment staff.

Award Degree & Degree Honors

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Records and Enrollment > Career and Program Information > Student Program/Plan

  1. On the Student Program/Plan page, enter a student ID or look up a student by name.
  2. Select the Search button. If multiple results are returned, select the desired institution or student career number.
  3. Select the Include History button located at the bottom right of the page.
student program/plan search page
  1. The Student Program page displays.
  2. Verify the data on the Student Program, Student Plan, and Student Sub-Plan tabs. These pages represent the degree being awarded to the student. Refer to local business practices regarding degree evaluation processes.
  3. Select the [+] plus icon, on the right side of the screen, to insert a new effective dated row.
  1. The Effective Date.
  2. Once a row is added, the Effective Date will default to today's date.
  3. Enter the Effective Date to match the last day of the term.
    1. The Effective Date should not be any other day than the last day of the term.
  4. Select "COMP" as the Program Action.
  5. If the student is term activated to future terms, you will receive a notification that states, "The student is term activated in the following future term(s)."
  1. The Student Degrees tab displays.
  2. The Completion Term field is automatically populated based on the Expected Grad Term selected in previous step. This value can be changed as necessary.
  3. Enter the desired information into the Degree Honors 1 field.
  4. Select the Update Degrees button to officially post the completion to the student's record.
  5. A message pagelet displays.
  6. Select the OK button.  
  7. The page is saved.
Student Degrees tab
  1. The process to award a degree and degree honors is now complete.
  2. End of procedure.


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