9.2 Enrollment Cancellation - Drop for Non-Payment

Purpose:  Use this document as a suggested step by step process for Enrollment Cancellation--also referred to as Drop for Non-Payment.

Audience:  Student Records and Student Financials staff.

Enrollment Cancellation

Step 1 - Service Indicators

Service Indicators

Service Indicators can be placed to prevent a student from cancellation (drop for non-payment)--based on your college's local business process.

For example, when a student's Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) veteran's educational benefit is paying the student's tuition/fees, your business process can include applying a service indicator. The service indicator will prevent the veteran from being dropped for non-payment. This is due to VA payments, possibly arriving after the tuition due date; therefore, the service indicator will ensure that students receiving  Post-9/11 benefits will be held in their classes.

Queries associated with Service Indicators.

  • QCS_CC_SRVC_IND_DA_V2- Service indicator data  (List of the students with a particular SI.)
  • QCS_CC_SRVC_IND_INFO Service Indicator Information (SI table information, include some SI reason information, and includes the impacts for each code.)
  • QCS_CC_SRVC_IN_RSN - Service indicator reason  (SI table information, includes more detail about the SI reasons, doesn’t include impacts (only if positive or negative).

Step 2 - Enrollment Cancellation - Report Only

Enrollment Cancellation - Report Only

The Enrollment Cancellation - Report Only mode will allow you to identify students who meet the selection criteria that your college established based on your local business process.

QCS_SF_ENROLL_CANCEL_REPORT is a query that will allow you to enter the Batch ID generated from the Report Only mode on the Cancel Enrollment page. (In the image below, the term cancellation was selected on the cancel enrollment page.)

The query provides additional details. For example, it will list the students and their student groups. You can identify students who have a student group that should have received a service indicator. Based on your college's local business process, the query results can be sent to different departments allowing them to review the students at risk of being dropped from their classes.

Step 3 - Managing Waitlists

Managing Waitlists

When a student enrolls and is waitlisted, the waitlist process moves the student from the waitlist into the class. Before performing the Enrollment Cancellation, you will want to hold the waitlist. This will allow you to perform the Enrollment Cancellation and work with departments to fix any student account issues before restarting the waitlist.

The Enrollment Cancellation process cancels enrollment. The Term Cancellation cancels all the classes that a student is taking for a term. Waitlists are part of that enrollment; therefore, they are also removed from the waitlist. 

Step 4 - Process Enrollment Cancellation

Process Enrollment Cancellation

The Enrollment Cancellation process without the Report Only box selected (the "real" drop) can be performed once the students have been reviewed by the different departments.

SF728_TERM_CLASS_CANCEL is a query used to identify students who will need their Term History >Term Withdrawals to enroll. The query will require the Batch ID number created from the Enrollment Cancellation process just performed. Note--it will be a different Batch ID number than the number generated when running the process in Report Only mode.

Step 5 - Making a Student Eligible for Enrollment after Enrollment Cancellation or Term Withdrawal

Making a Student Eligible for Enrollment after Enrollment Cancellation or Term Withdrawal

Making a Student Eligible for Enrollment after Enrollment Cancellation or Term Withdrawal makes a student eligible to enroll in classes after an Enrollment Cancellation or term withdrawal is performed.  The sooner this action is performed after the Enrollment Cancellation process has completed, the sooner a student will be allowed to enroll back into their class(es).

Step 6 - Tuition Calculation after Enrollment Cancellation

Tuition Calculation after Enrollment Cancellation

Tuition Calculation after Enrollment Cancellation recalculates the tuition and fees for the students who were dropped from their classes during the Enrollment Cancellation process.

QCS_SF_ENROLL_CANCEL_MESSAGES to find accounts that may need to be individually recalculated due to errors

Step 7 - Send Communications

Send Communications

A Communication strategy will allow you to notify students throughout the entire Enrollment Cancellation process.

Step 8 - Restart Waitlist

Restart Waitlist

It will be a local business process decision as to when you will restart the Waitlist and the Enrollment Cancellation process has completed.


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