9.2 Viewing Schedules

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for viewing schedules in GL journal entries

Audience: Finance or Business Office Staff

Navigation:  Nav Bar > Navigator > Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Common Definitions > Calendars/Schedules

  1. Select the Schedules menu.
  2. Select the Schedule ID field, and enter the desired information into the Schedule ID field. Enter a valid value e.g.  "MONTHLY"
  3. Select the Search button.
schedules set id
  1. The Schedules page enables you to define schedules for the creation of standard or recurring journal entries.
  2. The Frequency field specifies how often the event will recur. Values are:
  • Annually: Specifies an annual schedule. This option activates the Month and Day of the Month for you to enter the values.  
  • Daily: Specifies a daily schedule. The Daily option activates the Days of the Week check boxes for you to select or clear specific days.
  • Monthly: Specifies a monthly schedule. This option activates the Day of the Month and Last Day of the Month and the Months check boxes for you to select or exclude individual months.
  • User Defn (user defined): Sets up user-defined events schedules for specific dates when an event will take place. When you use this option, you can enter an occurrence number (for multiple occurrences), the date, and a description. Do not specify hours or minutes for schedules used for SJEs.
  • Weekly: Specifies a weekly schedule. The Weekly option activates the Days of the Week for you to enter a value.
  1. When you specify a day of the month for monthly schedules, use the Day of the Month field to enter any day up to and including day 28.
  2. Select the Last Day of Month option to always use the last day of the month, whether it is day 28, 29, 30, or 31.
  3. Select Save.
  1. End of procedure.


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