Mobile - Enroll in Classes

Purpose:  Use as a reference for how to enroll in classes using the Mobile application.

Audience:  Students.

The college mobile applications will look a bit different between the various colleges, this guide is intended as a general overview, please note that your college may have different images and options available.

Enroll in Classes

  1. Select the Enrollment menu item.
Enrollment link
  1. To enroll in a class you can choose a class from your Planner or Shopping Cart.
Planner and Shopping Cart links
  1. You can also browse for a class by selecting Class Search, Course Catalog or Browse Classes.  (In this example, Browse Classes will be used for visual cues).
Class Search, Course Catalog, Browse Classes links
  1. Choose a Course.
Browse Classes page
  1. Choose a class.  
  2. Choose a section if applicable.


Sections page
  1. You can add the class to your Planner, or Cart, or Share it.  (For more information see the Mobile - Moving Courses to Planner or Mobile - Shopping Cart QRGs).   For this example, we will add the class to the Cart.
Add to Planner and Add to Cart page
  1. Select the Save button.  The class is added to your shopping cart.
  2. Check the box in front of the class you want to enroll in and select the Enroll button.
Enroll link
  1. Select the Enroll button again.
Enroll button
  1. Select the Save button.
  2. Process complete.


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