FF.005.4 Treasury Accounting

User Acceptance Test Overview

The treasury accounting is core cash management functionality. You can create Accounting entries either by running batch process (FF.005.4.2 Create Automated Accounting Entries) or manually (FF.005.4.3 Create Manual Accounting Entries). An Accounting event is created by bank reconciliation and fund transfer process. You may review these accounting events (FF.005.4.1) before FF.005.4.2.

Once Accounting entries are created then you, can FF.005.4.4 Review Accounting Entries and FF.005.4.5 Finalize Accounting Entries, if accounting entries needs your attention.

Finally, Journal generator process will retrieve these Accounting entries from Cash management to General Ledger in the form of Journals.


1. Settlement Transactions are completed

2. Bank Statement Reconciliation process completed with Reconciled.


1. Treasury Accounting entries are created

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Instructor-Led Training Materials and Recordings

FF.005.4.1 Review Accounting Events

FF.005.4.2 Create Automated Accounting Entries

FF.005.4.3 Create Manual Accounting Entries & Update Automated Accounting Entries

FF.005.4.4 Finalize Accounting Entries

FF.005.4.5 - Review Accounting Entries

Minimum Test Case (Data) Scenarios:

Scenarios for FF.005.4.1 - Review Accounting Events

• Review Accounting events by Source Code

• Review Accounting events by date

• Review BSP Accounting events

Scenarios for FF.005.4.2 - Create Automated Accounting Entries

• Create Automated Accounting Entries

Scenarios for FF.005.4.3 - Create Manual Accounting Entries & Update Automated Accounting Entries 

• Review and Modify Accounting Entries

Scenarios for FF.005.4.4 - Finalize Accounting Entries

• View Accounting Entries

• Approve Accounting Entries

Scenarios for FF.005.4.5 - Review Accounting Entries

• Review Accounting Summary

• Create Accounting Entries Report

FF.005.4.2 - Create Automated Accounting Entries

  • Error Condition: In Accounting entries (ChartField tab), Populate or update chartfields with valid values 
    • Expected Behavior: You will gate invalid value error message. This is known issue.

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FF.005.4  Treasury Accounting


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