UAT MC.001 - Mobile Admissions thru Review Academics (Non-FA) [Sprint 6]

User Acceptance Test Overview

The HighPoint Mobile App  enables students to access their college resources from Admissions through....

In order to test this...

Printable View of MC.001 - Mobile Admissions thru Review Academics (Non-FA)

High Level (Tier 1) Flow End-to-End Data Scenarios

The following 'End-to-End' data scenarios need to be tested as part of this process:

  • Review Admission Status for...

The Steps (Tier 2) in the High Level UAT Framework:

  • MC.001.1 - Mobile Admissions
  • MC.001.2 - Mobile Personal Information
  • MC.001.3 - Mobile Messages
  • MC.001.4 - Mobile Manage Holds & To Dos
  • MC.001.5 - Mobile Enrollment
  • MC.001.6 - Mobile Schedule
  • MC.001.7 - Financials (Non-FA)
  • MC.001.8 - Mobile Academics

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