MC.001.1 - Mobile Admissions

User Acceptance Test Overview

The HighPoint Mobile App  enables students to access their college resources from Admissions through....

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Self-Pace Training Materials (Advanced Prep)

To prepare yourself in advance for the richest testing experience  below are additional resources and (where applicable) links to relevant  video content.  

Additional Resources

  • No training resources posted  yet.


  • No video content available yet.

Instructor-Led Training Materials and Recordings

Instructor-Led Training Materials

  • Training materials will be posted in advance of the training event.

Training Session Recordings

  • Training recording will be posted after training delivery.

MC.001.1.1 - Check Admissions Status on Mobile

MC.001.1.2 - Accept/Decline Admissions

Minimum Test Case (Data) Scenarios:

Scenarios for MC.001.1.1 - Check Admissions Status on Mobile

  • <scenario>

Scenarios for MC.001.1.2 - Accept/Decline Admissions

  • <scenario>

MC.001.1.1 - Check Admissions Status on Mobile

  • Error Condition:
    • Expected Behavior

MC.001.1.2 - Accept/Decline Admissions

  • Error Condition
    • Expected Behavior

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