Overview of Payroll Parallel [DG4]


Payroll Parallel testing is an essential part of verifying that the payroll processed in the new system, ctcLink, is aligned with the processing of the payroll within the legacy system, PPMS.

This will be accomplished by comparing the same payroll processed in the legacy system to the payroll processed in ctcLink.

This guide is intended to provide context and steps for executing the Payroll Parallel test activities in the Parallel Test environment set:

  • HPUX Environment on DEVX2 under the Ennn Account Series from a legacy system backup taken on July 17, 2020. Except Seattle District and Centralia, whose legacy backup was retaken on July 21, 2020 due to issues with the backup/restore process.
  • ctcLink Environment on PLA using cycle #3 converted data from a data snapshot taken on July 17, 2020 and July 21, 2020 for Seattle and Centralia.

Overview of Payroll Parallel Testing Expectations

The ctcLink HCM Project Team will be responsible for processing payroll in both the legacy (HPUX - Ennn) environment and equivalent PeopleSoft (PLA) environment.

  • This includes tracking and reporting of variances to ensure accurate calculation of the payroll in ctcLink.
  • Staging the equivalent time reporting data that was processed for 07A into PeopleSoft/ctcLink.
  • Staging the equivalent time reporting data (07B) for employees across all relevant employee classifications in both environments.

College SMEs should expect to participate in assisting with the research and resolution of variances found as a result of the parallel payroll.

Additionally, the colleges will have the provided guidance and the opportunity to process a payroll (07B) with guidance from the ctcLink HCM Project team.

Although the primary focus of this testing phase is to ensure accurate processing of the payroll within ctcLink compared to the payroll processed in PPMS, the results of the payroll can be used to better understand how employee job data, benefit program data, leave balances and deduction balances are converted into PeopleSoft and used in payroll processing.

Scope of Testing Activity

In Scope for Testing:

  • Execution of the 07A and 07B payroll processes in both Legacy and PeopleSoft environments with an equivalent set of staged employee data (07B only) for direct comparison.
  • Gross to Net comparison of Paycheck results between Legacy and PeopleSoft.
  • Providing colleges a walk-thru and guidance on executing PeopleSoft payroll.
  • Validation of a subset of employees data in 07B payroll (5-10 per type of employee) that meet specific data conditions to validate how data converted from Legacy into PeopleSoft and ensure colleges understand such items as: Benefit programs, Earn Types, Declining Balances on Deductions, Payments for Deductions in Arrears.
  • Confirmation of PeopleSoft calculation accuracy.
  • Confirmation of PeopleSoft Absence Takes impact on Absence Balances (07B payroll).
  • Verification of processes for such things as L&I calculation/MedAid Maximums, Union Dues Caps, Spending Account Deductions.

Out of Scope for Testing:

  • Post Payroll Processing:
    • Accounts Payable Interface (performed in UAT)
    • Posting Expenses to the General Ledger  (performed in UAT)
    • Reporting to the Office of Financial Management
    • Reporting to the Department of Retirement Services

Timeline for Parallel Activities

Cycle 1 – 07A Payroll

  • 09/16 – 09/22 – Prepare Environment
    • Loading TLR data from PPMS for the 07A payroll into PeopleSoft (ctcLink)
  • 09/23 – 09/29 – Execute PeopleSoft Payroll processes
  • 09/30 – 10/13 – Research & Resolve Variances

Meeting Dates/Times for College SME Engagements and Support Sessions for 07A Reviews: 

  • 10/1/2020  One hour session with each college (separately) as broken out below:
    • 9:00  10:00  Seattle
    • 10:15  11:15  Highline
    • 12:00  1:00  Centralia
    • 1:15  2:15  Wenatchee Valley
    • 2:30  3:30  Edmonds
  • 10/6/2020  One hour Q&A session with all colleges.
    • 2:00  3:00pm
  • 10/9/2020  One hour Q&A session with all colleges.
    • 10:00  11:00am

Cycle 2 – 07B Payroll 

~ The following will be performed by the College SMEs along with assistance from ctcLink Project Team

  • 11/03 – 11/05 – Stage Data in PPMS & PS
  • 11/06- 11/13 – Prepare Environment
    • Loading TLR data from PPMS/Batch Process in PPMS
  • 11/06 – 11/13 – Execute PeopleSoft Payroll Processes
  • 11/16 – 11/16 – Execute PPMS Payroll Processes
  • 11/17 – 11/20 – Execute & Validate Variances

Test Steps

07A - July 1, 2020 to July 15, 2020 Pay Period:

~ Review provided variance information and work with Project Functional Team to understand and resolve discrepancies, including analyzing data in the legacy data snapshot and the converted equivalent data in PeopleSoft parallel environment.

07B - July 16, 2020 to July 31, 2020 Pay Period:

~ Data Staging (provide sample population recommendations and enter data with guidance) in PeopleSoft for Time and Leave Entry for 07B:

  • Sample Set of Classified, Exempt, Full-Time Faculty with all hours in the pay period worked at regular (REG) hours.
  • Sample Set of Classified, Exempt, Full-Time Faculty, Part-Time Faculty with Vacation (VAC) and/or Sick Leave (CSL) hours reported in the pay period:
    • Single day of leave.
    • Partial of day leave.
    • Leave for the FULL pay period.
    • Leave when specific leave entitlement (CSL or VAC) is in excess of their balance for that entitlement.
  • Sample Set of Classified or Exempt with Leave without Pay reported in the pay period for the full pay period.
  • Sample Set of Student/Hourly with hours reported during the pay period.
  • Sample Set of Employees with Additional Pay (e.g. Stipend).

~ Payroll Execution (with guidance) in Peoplesoft for 07B:

~ Review sample population in both Legacy and PeopleSoft parallel test environments where variances exist to determine discrepancies.

Template for Submitting Sample Population Data for 07B Data Staging

Please submit completed template no later than October 15, 2020.

Executing Processes in PeopleSoft

07A Pay Period:

Colleges will initially be responsible for reviewing variances between the environments for the 07A payroll run and provide feedback.

In PeopleSoft, the college involvement will be review of paycheck data, job data, and benefit deductions (e.g. FSA, DSA) for employees with a variance to confirm understanding.  

For 07A Payroll that was fully executed in Legacy prior to the snapshot on 07/21, employees whose leave balance was reduced will see the reduction again (doubled) in PeopleSoft.

07B Pay Period:

College will be guided in performing the 07B payroll execution in PeopleSoft and perform a gross to net comparison to identify variances with sample employee classifications and participate in root cause analysis for any variances discovered.

In PeopleSoft, the college involvement will be review of paycheck data, job data, absence balances for employees with staged data scenarios as well as employees with identified variances to confirm understanding.

Relevant Reference Materials

The following QRGs are intended to help colleges navigate the system to view relevant information for either pay periods in PeopleSoft.

Reviewing Paycheck (Advice) Details/Summary:

Review Employee Leave Balances and History (from payrolls run in PS) of Takes:

Review Employee Spending Account Declining Balances:


Standard User Profiles will be established for Parallel Tester access that will include the following roles to perform the necessary activities.  

The Username format follows a standard of: HCM_PP_nnn (where nnn = Company Code)

ZD Payroll Inquiry

  • Provides access to view employee paycheck data.

ZZ Payroll Processing

  • Provides access to run payroll processes.

ZZ SS Payroll

  • Access to the Payroll Homepage with the Payroll Navigation Collection

ZZ Payroll Data Maintenance

  • Access to prepay, tax data, direct deposit and other payroll related data.

ZD HR Employee Maintenance

  • View employee Job Data, including Union Codes and Compensation.

ZD Benefits Enrollment Inquiry

  • View employee Benefit enrollment information.

How to Get Help

Project Functional Team contacts for Payroll Parallel Activities are as follows:

  • Payroll Parallel Functional Analyst - Dennis Sargent - dsargent@sbctc.edu
  • HCM Pillar PM - Sanjiv Bhagat - sbhagat@sbctc.edu
  • HCM Test Coordinator - Natalie Smith - nsmith@sbctc.edu

PLA Environment

https://pt-pla.peoplesoft-nonprod-aws.ctclink.sbctc.edu/ptpla/signon.html [Portal Link to PLA PeopleSoft Environment]

HPUX Access Information

Colleges will access the legacy snapshot environment by clicking the desktop icon for Minisoft that was established with the assistance of the college help desk.  To ensure you have an HPUX account established in the E090, E230, E060, E150, E120 legacy accounts, make sure your college has provided you name on the worksheet to established your legacy account access.  

Instructions for this process can be found here: Requesting Access to the Parallel Test Environment (Legacy)

Note: Colleges that have submitted their security access workbooks for Parallel Testing will have access established for their reported testers in place before the September 30, 2020 start of college SME activities.


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