Enhancement Request Status

Purpose: This record of Enhancement Requests provides transparency on the status of historical and on-going governance decisions.

Audience: All ctcLink system users.

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As the ctcLink Working Group evolves from a “project governance” to an “operational governance” model, the Enhancement Request processes and protocols are being re-aligned to increase transparency.

The list below includes:

  • All Enhancement Requests:
    • Historical governance decisions on requests submitted to the ctcLink Working Group in 2018 through August 2022
    • Historical enhancement requests, submitted for governance decision, but not yet brought to governance as of August 2022
    • New requests submitted via service desk (solar winds) tickets
  • External and Internal Mandates (federal, state and SBCTC agency policy)

New Enhancement Requests will be added as they are submitted. State of governance review, prioritization, approval, and other actions will be reflected here.

Click the following link for more information on the Enhancement Request Process (Historical and Current)

As a result of COVID and remote learning, eLC members, ETAG and IC folks, along with Clark and the Falls, requested new course modality (instructor modes) be added in the system to account for hybrid models of remote learning. The four new modes are; real-time remote, hybrid remote, lab+ online, lab+ real-time remote.

IC should have a vote on December 3rd to finalize and approve nomenclature of the four new instructor modes; once notification of approval, support will test in a lower environment for any downstream impacts, but work to get them in production before DG4.

Pre-Governance (WG) Review Activities:
Data governance moved this discussion through appropriate councils and committees, wherein it was collectively agreed these were not necessary. ​​Proposal went back to Data Governance - DG is of the opinion, and support concurs, new codes for instructor mode(s) are not needed - system currently meets the need/ask. Vote on this approach is scheduled for 1/28/21. Will follow up with confirmed decision.

Service Desk Ticket: 90617, 92687, 92922

ER Submitted: N/A

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: 3/1/2021 (Unverified - Verification in Progress)

Some enhancement requests listed in the sections below are being reviewed to verify specific details and are noted as such.  Please be patient as the PMO Team works to verify any content that warrants additional research. This notice will be removed when details under review are updated and complete.

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Pending Final Governance Decision

The PMO Team is working with other ctcLink support teams to document all Enhancement Request (ER) forms that have been submitted through the Service Desk (Solar Winds) tickets.

It is the intent of the PMO Team to capture all submissions in this section, with the details from Enhancement Request forms submitted. The goal of this alignment and transparency activity is to ensure all requests in a pending state are brought before the Working Group for governance decisions so all approved requests may be then prioritized by the colleges.

Campus Solutions Pillar Enhancements

With the passing of House Bill 2513 we are required to send a student invoice with all of our collection letters. Currently ctcLink does not do mass student invoices, it does however generate one at a time. With the volume that we send out every month to past due students, printing one at a time is not an efficient use of staff resources and would take too long for use to generate each one individually.

Service Desk Ticket: (Verification in Progress)

ER Submission: 10/1/2020

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TB - Awaiting Working Group Submission for Decision

Currently colleges use "ARR" arranged meeting pattern for online classes. We discovered this meeting pattern is problematic because it displays on the student facing class schedule as TBA (To Be Announced), leading students to believe that there will be a designated day and time that they will need to login. The student-facing TBA is not an accurate representation of the class, as there is nothing to announce. These are online classes. We request to have TBA changed to Arranged.

Service Desk Ticket: 85457, 81867, 99651, 106406

SBCTC service desk ticket # 85457 Clark College submitted ER form 2/4/2020

SBCTC service desk ticket # 99651 question submitted by LCC 10/7/2020

SBCTC service desk ticket # 81867 issue reported by Clark College 11/22/2019

SBCTC service desk ticket # 106406 issue reported by Pierce College 02/11/2021

ER Submitted: 2/4/2020

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD - Awaiting Governance Decision

NSC has the ability to integrate with PeopleSoft SIS in the back-end so that transcripts can be sent directly from PeopleSoft to the requested destination with no additional work or input from the end users at the colleges. The colleges would like to have this integration activated to help save a large amount of man hours from their daily activities and help in providing a better user experience for the students.

Working Group Feedback/Comments:
Awaiting approval for total cost of ownership and effort estimates. Will go back to WG before going to next governance level, Strategic Technology Advisory Committee, and possibly WACTC for final budget/cost approval.

Service Desk Ticket: 50697

ER Submitted: 04/27/2018

WG Decision Date: Summary Decision 5/21/21, to be escalated to STAC for final decision after budget/costs are analyzed and included

Deployed: TBD - Project - Awaiting STAC Approval After Cost/Budget Estimations Completed

Summary of Request

SBCTC Policy and IT staff, in collaboration with several college high school program staff, formed an ad hoc workgroup to discuss the mechanisms needed in ctcLink for technical high school programs.  The workgroup began by discussing  the ctcLink coding required for Direct Funded High School programs to identify classes and/or students. Once the coding and configuration modifications were determined, it was also noted that a new Online Admissions Application Portal (OAAP) template was desirable.  

It’s worthy to define the student population this workgroup focused on.  Technical colleges run different flavors of high school and dual credit programs.  Some programs are funded directly from OSPI while others are funded through articulation agreements with high school districts.  Some of the high school programs are focused on high school completion while others are designed to include dual credit options.  Students participating in these programs do not pay regular tuition as contracts with the K12 system cover the cost of enrollment.  

The information needed for admission and enrollment from this student population differs from that collected in the general  admission template.  An example is the need to collect the parent/guardian contact information which is required for students under the age of 18.  The collection of parent/guardian information is not currently included on  any existing template, though the option to add this is available as an option.   The other information needed includes the emergency contact information and previous college attended.  

This proposal is essentially a request to create a new OAAP template for high school program student populations that is very similar to the current Running Start template but with three additional data collection sections.  

This proposal also includes the request to implement additional admission type codes to differentiate the student populations and an additional academic level code to identify students who are below the 9th grade level.  This information is provided in detail below.  

Request Details

  1. Configure two new admission types to differentiate the student populations:  
    1. Youth Technical High School
    2. Dual Credit(Not Running Start)
  • Note:  The OAAP admission type currently includes the following available values:
    • First Year
    • Reapplying
    • Running Start
    • Transfer
  • Configured on page: Set Up SACR > Product Related > Recruiting and Admissions > Prospect/Applicant Recruiting > Admit Type Table
  • Student Data stored in:
    • Record:  ADM_APPL_DATA
    • Field: ADMIT_TYPE
  1. The new admission types requested in #1 above will trigger the new template  as described in #3 below.
  2. A new OAAP template using the Running Start template as a starting point with the additional sections added:
    1. A section to collect Parent/Guardian Contact Information
      1. This is a currently available option within OAAP
      2. Make this section required if the applicant is under 18.  If this is not possible, add language that clearly states that the information is only needed if under the age of 18.  
      3. Add language to explain that this information is not shareable per FERPA, an additional release form obtained from the college is required.  
    2. Add a section to collect Emergency Contact Information
      1. This is a currently available option within OAAP
      2. Make this section required if the applicant is under 18.  If not possible, add language that clearly states that the information is only needed if under the age of 18.
      3. Add language to explain that this information is not shareable per FERPA, an additional release form obtained from the college is required.
      4. Change “Relationship to Employee” to “Relationship to Student”
    3. Add the Previous College section
      1. This section is available in the general template but not currently included on the Running Start template.
  3. Configure a new code for the highest completion level option in the High School section for “Less than Ninth Grade”.  This request impacts all templates and has been previously requested unofficially.
    1. A translate value for
      1. Field EXT_ACAD_LEVEL
      2. Record:  PSXLATITEM
    2. Student Data stored in:
      1. Field: EXT_ACAD_LEVEL
      2. Record:  EXT_ACAD_DATA
  4. Add language to the Personal Information section SSN explanation that indicates that the SSN is not required for students under the age of 18.  This request impacts all templates.  

UPDATE: New OAAP Template for Youth Tech HS and Dual Credit (non-RS)- Ticket set to In Progress. Last communication 4/13/22…pending response from Carmen.

Service Desk Ticket: 135022

ER Submitted: 4/13/2022

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD

Issue: If there is an issue with an order staff may need to manually post a transaction.  This must be done through the Student Post page at Student Financials > Charges and Payments > Post Student Transaction.  They must add a Fee using the CampusCE Payment type of 700000000800.On the Student Post page they need to use the link near the bottom right to Payment Details, after adding payment information.  On the Payment Details page they need to enter Class Number and Term. When done through alternate navigation the data is in a different table and is not recognized by the process as paid.  

Currently: Staff must navigate to the correct page to post the transaction. There are other ways to post transaction which this process will not recognize.  Then a payment is posted but not recognized and staff need to file a ticket for CampusCE to manually change the order to registered.  

Solution: Adding the navigation to the bottom of the ctcLink Response tab would help staff to navigate to the correct location.  Navigation:  Student Financials > Charges and Payments > Post Student Transaction

Must use the Payment Details link to add the class number and term and CNED career.

Service Desk Ticket: 136400

ER Submitted: 5/2/2022

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD

Issue & Currently: Payment is available on the CampusCE Request tab as the Total Amount. Payment type is only visible on the student account. This creates additional navigation when staff are looking for payment information.

Solution: On the ctcLink Response tab add the payment/total amount and payment type.  CSCE User Id is not needed in this detail.

UPDATE: CampusCE - Ticket On Hold Until Operational Governance Finalized- Request to add the Payment/Total amount and Payment Type on Response Tab

Service Desk Ticket: 136397

ER Submitted: 5/2/2022

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD

Issue: Escrow is a balance available for use in CampusCE.  Escrow is not a payment type currently available for use since the payments post to the student account as if they have paid for the class.  If Cash is used at a cashier’s office staff must still note the payment type of Cash in CampusCE.  

Currently: If students want to change classes CampusCE can use the “drop/switch” functionality in CampusCE.  However, this sends the new enrollment with a payment based on the payment type for the first class. This requires that staff reverse the posting of this payment.  When Cash is the payment type it will post a payment to the student’s account.  This posting needs to be done by a cashier so their drawer is in balance.  

Solution: If Escrow or Cash is used when a student has a balance in PS this should not post a payment. An Escrow or Cash payment type could be sent from CCE to PS.  It should have the same functionality as the Contract Payment Type (requirement CSCE012) which will be created by SBCTC App Services.

UPDATE: CampusCE -Ticket On Hold Until Operational Governance Finalized. Pending Reporting Requirements. Request is to include Escrow and Cash along with the new Contract Payment Type.

Service Desk Ticket: 136403

ER Submitted: 5/2/2022

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD

We need the self-service tuition calculation and the "Calculate Tuition and Fees" button to update billing units for Running Start students. Without this function, the calculation runs but the total produced is incorrect.  

Service Desk Ticket: 126397

ER Submitted: 5/9/2022

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD

We are requesting that the description is changed for the Instruction Mode Web-Enhance (WE). We would like the description changed to In-Person (Web-Enhanced). Many of our classes are Web-Enhanced, but this title is not intuitive for students who are seeking out classes that meet face to face.

The Instruction Mode filter in HCX has the options of In-Person, Web-Enhanced, Online, Hybrid, etc. When students are searching for In-Person classes using HCX, they did not see many class options returned in their search  because most of our face to face classes are Web-Enhanced. If the title were changed to In-Person (Web-Enhanced), it would be clearer for students that the class meets face to face.

We were advised that this change cannot be made directly in HCX, but that the title/description of the instruction mode would need to be changed in PeopleSoft and then would be reflected in HCX.

Service Desk Ticket: (Verification in Progress)

ER Submitted: 8/11/2022

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD

Submitted by Stephanie Baker (Bellevue College). At Bellevue College we have been trying to resolve some issues in SF that only occur when a student is enrolled at multiple institutions. Usually, a student can be directed to log in via the Desktop gateway and their Student Institution Set will dynamically apply allowing them to view their Bellevue tuition.

We have identified some instances where even using the gateway does not work, which requires LSAs to manually adjust the student institution set at the request of our SF staff. (The role to do this is ZZ Local SACR Security Admin)

With help from Charles Velasquez (ticket 144138), we have elected to submit an enhancement request to mitigate these scenarios as they do affect our student’s ability to make payment and secure enrollment in their courses. The enhancement we are requesting is for a role that allows a user to make adjustments to the Student Institution Set without the ability to make any other LSA related adjustments to any additional SACR or pages.

Service Desk Ticket: 144138

ER Submitted: 8/26/2022

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD

Finance Pillar Enhancements

Request to close “all accounts” including balance sheet. Close/open process to be modified to include – at a minimum – all GL accounts.

During follow up with the colleges, Shon Dicks-Schlesinger (Associate Director of Finance Customer Support),  mentioned that more info were needed.  Got better info about allocation and mock testing currently in PCD.  ER is on hold pending customer response to testing. Can be configured on local/global.5/13/21 - Per Pierce College - The Pierce College Fiscal Services team does not have the capacity nor available staff to take on this work.

Please reach out to other live ctcLink colleges for a volunteer now that Olympic is not able to take this on either.

Perhaps this request could be made at the upcoming Budget, Accounting, Reporting Council meeting or on one of the Tues/Friday FSCM meetings.​

Service Desk Ticket: 102083

ER Submitted: 11/16/2020

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD

PeopleSoft provides a mechanism for tracking physical inventory, including Small and Attractive items, that is not being fully utilized in ctcLink. Enabling the PeopleSoft Mobile Asset Tracking feature will impact global configuration.
A feature demo is available here: https://youtu.be/brOXboB1qRg

Requires Internal Team Review to Ensure Submission to Working Group Occurs - Was brought to CMB in March 2022 rather than Working Group.

Service Desk Ticket: 112966

ER Submitted: 05/20/2021

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD

Request to create a subsidiary field combo edit rule. Presently, SBCTC Accounting has tried to mitigate the findings regarding missing subsidiaries for reconciliation to AFRS. Subsidiaries are a requirement by OFM when a financial activity is between state agencies or between funds. The subsidiary is chartfield 1. SBCTC-System Accounting wants subsidiaries to be a required field.

The SBCTC Accounting Unit is doing a change to the previous submission. SBCTC Accounting is informing the Change Management Board  and not asking, because of the requirement by OFM. The intention is to create a combo rule requiring a subsidiary to 15 accounts that are specific to due to/due from funds and state agencies. This rule will require the subsidiary account in general ledger  it will have no effect on AP and AR unless they specifically hit these 15 accounts. Presently, because of the offset accounts they will not be hitting these 15 accounts in AP/AR.

Service Desk Ticket: 111447

ER Submitted: 7/29/2022

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD

Human Capital Management Pillar Enhancements

Requested change: Create a Manager Self Service change action which allows managers to request a change to the following fields in the CTC Earnings Distribution section of the employee record: Earnings Code; Percent of Distribution; Primary; Operating Unit; Account; Fund Code; Appropriation Index; Class Field; Department; Program Code; PC Business Unit; Project; Activity.

Problem Statement: Successful HR and Finance integration of the ctcLink PeopleSoft enterprise system requires correct Combo Code assignment on each individual employee record (e.g. where the cost of the employee is allocated budgetary in the ctcLink PeopleSoft enterprise system), there is currently no way for managers to request a change to an employee’s Combo Code assignment. The lack of this manager self service function in the ctcLink PeopleSoft system creates a barrier to proper budget management.

8/30/22 internal team reviewed and recommended ctcLink College Collaboration Group provide clarifications/input prior to submission to Working Group.

9/14/22 received agenda slot on ctcLink College Collaboration Group meeting.  Will revisit this enhancement request again with this group on 9/28/22.  

Please contact Brian Lanier ([email protected]), HCM Associate Director, if you would like to provide college feedback.

Service Desk Ticket: 109605

ER Submitted: 6/9/2021

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD

Requested change: Give approvers of Fluid Position Management the ability to edit the attachments and all fields of the Position Data View.

Problem Statement: Successful HR and Finance integration of the ctcLink PeopleSoft enterprise system requires full position control for each individual employee record (e.g. each permanent employee needs a position number assigned), when new positions or position changes are requested in Fluid Position Management there is currently no way for approvers to make a change to the attachments or the data entered. The lack of edit-ability in the ctcLink PeopleSoft system creates a barrier to efficient position control. For example, when the Business/Finance department receives a request and needs to create a Combo Code for a new position, they are forced to enter the new Combo Code and “push back” the request for the requestor of the position to edit and then resubmit the request. This creates an incredible inefficiency in the system.

This requested change impacts global configuration.

8/30/22 internal team reviewed and recommended ctcLink College Collaboration Group provide clarifications/input prior to submission to Working Group.

9/14/22 received agenda slot on ctcLink College Collaboration Group meeting.  Will revisit this enhancement request again with this group on 9/28/22.  

Please contact Brian Lanier ([email protected]), HCM Associate Director, if you would like to provide college feedback.

Service Desk Ticket: 107782

ER Submitted: 6/29/2021

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD

Presently the benefit expense gets split between all of the budgets that a person is being paid from on a particular payroll, rather than only charging to their primary job. This project proposal is to change the way the benefits expense - HCA Avg Cost - gets splits between budgets and charge it only to the Primary Job. The Primary Job's Combo code needs to be charged for the HCA Avg Costs. The other charges (benefits or otherwise) should get charged to the job(s) being paid.  

Assumption : When a benefit eligible employee is working at multiple colleges, employee's primary job on the job data is with the one college that is the owner of the Benefits (paying the employer cost for health benefits - 000990).

Colleges will need to align with this business process in order for this functionality to work as expected.

8/30/22 internal team reviewed and recommended ctcLink College Collaboration Group provide clarifications/input prior to submission to Working Group.

9/14/22 received agenda slot on ctcLink College Collaboration Group meeting.  Will revisit this enhancement request again with this group on 9/28/22.  

Please contact Brian Lanier ([email protected]), HCM Associate Director, if you would like to provide college feedback.

Service Desk Ticket: (Verification in Progress)

ER Submitted: 9/20/2021

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD - ER has not yet been brought to Working Group.

We have noticed that the DESCR field in SYSADM_HCM.PS_POSITION_DATA is limited to just 30 characters. This truncates many of our working job titles and makes them hard to understand. We are displaying them in various directories, etc. and using this field as a data source, so this is frustrating. Is it possible to expand this field so that it can contain more characters (say 100-150)? The BUSINESS_TITLE field that appears in the EMPLOYEES table has the same 30-character limit. It is currently less important for us to have this expanded, but it is used for the same type of data (working job title), so it would also be helpful for BUSINESS_TITLE to be expanded to match the new length of the previously mentioned DESCR field.

Service Desk Ticket: 124163

ER Submitted: 1/7/2022

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD - Needs to go to Working Group for Decision

(This issue affects all colleges)

When colleges make leave adjustments for any faculty or classified staff (e.g., they worked additional time and are due additional entitlements), the adjustments do not feed into the monthly accruals. This results in reconciliation discrepancies that require manual calculation and adjustment to resolve. Unless this is corrected, any adjustments to leave that accrue throughout the year are not included in the annual buyout totals. College SMEs have asked if a possible solution might be an adjustment accrual code (like ACS, rather than CSL) which could also support entitlement reconciliation.

Service Desk Ticket: 129297 Annual Sick Leave Buyout

ER Submitted: 8/18/2022

WG Decision Date: TBD

Deployed: TBD

All Pillars Enhancements (Impacts All Pillars)

Because ctcLink incorporates all colleges into one database instance, our system needs to put in place policies and procedures concerning data privacy and colleges seeing other college’s data. FERPA is one of the largest drivers for this. FERPA regulations restrict access to student data to any external entity unless a FERPA exemption allows for this activity.  

The Data Governance Committee drafted and worked with our state’s Assistant Attorney General, David Stolier, to identify an exemption that would allow for specific activities defined as training and troubleshooting whereas one college viewing another college’s enrollment data is not a FERPA violation if done so during training or troubleshooting. By deeming college and State Board staff as School Officials while training or troubleshooting,, we can apply this FERPA exemption.  

The MOU is the policy and a supporting procedure is the agreement of staff to keep data private and used only for the purpose of doing the job.  

The MOU will be presented to the Presidents for signature.  Once approved, we will need a mechanism to collect staff agreements to the Data Usage and Privacy Statement.  

The Data Governance Committee proposes collecting the agreements through two technical solutions.  

1) Pop-Up Form in the Portal presented to staff upon log-in and annually thereafter

2) Website to collect agreements from staff who do not regularly log into ctcLink

The EMPLID collected from both solutions will store the staff EMPLID, College and date of agreement in custom tables that will be replicated to dataLink for college access.

Status Update:

​​12/20/21 - Approved to move from PT PDV to PT PTS.1/27/2022 - Migrated to PT PQA.  

This will require a custom table to store the EMPLID, College and Date of Agreement.  

Service Desk Ticket: 121277

ER Submitted: 9/27/2021

WG Decision Date: 9/29/2021

Deployed: 7/7/2022

Approved - Not Yet Deployed
Campus Solutions Pillar Enhancements

The student transcript process has been customized to display directly-transcribed classes on the transcript as enrollments. However, the current customization causes several inconsistencies and inaccuracies (see “Background” section below for details). The existing custom code should be updated to produce an accurate transcript without the issues listed below.

Service Desk Ticket: 46980

Deployed: UNKNOWN

The Academic Career and Academic Program values were globally-defined at the beginning of the project. The project team will review:

A) Academic Career values (Academic and Continuing Education)

B) Academic Program values (Baccalaureate, Academic, Professional/Technical, Transitional Studies, Not Award Seeking, and Continuing Education) to ensure these global values fit current business processes and that their descriptions and attributes are accurate.

A) Academic Career values are definitions only and have no impact on reporting.

Working Group Feedback: *Update from 6/5/2019

Meeting with Ed Division team, Carmen for reporting and JH on project - nomenclature /definition change only - when students fill out OAA, "Academic Career" should reflect "UGRD" and "Description" should also reflect "Undergraduate". Researched this term for proof of concept and this is a state-wide and nation-wide universal term. Ed Division team, Carmen and project team all came to consensus on the definition change.

Defer to Instruction Commission and Student Services Commission for final description and approval.  Data Governance to review for reporting and tracking purposes. Guided Pathways technical group for consultation on pathways initiatives.

Service Desk Ticket: 33559

Deployed: TBD - Approval Deferred

Colleges are requesting the ability to accept credit card payments at the cashier window that integrates with ctcLink student and customer accounts.  The solution must automatically post payments to the accounts and must permit refunds/returns back to the original card used for payment.  The system must be meet all PCI compliance requirements and support PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE).

Service Desk Ticket: 70170

Deployed: TBD - Project in Contract Negotiations

Working Group Feedback/Comments:
Enhancement Request Escalated to Steering Committee for Approval of an RFP to select a software product to facilitate this functionality. Idea of an integrated solution approved by Steering Committee on 5/7/19.

Project Name: TouchNet Integration Project

Request to add a new value to global Degree Type table for Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees.

There are currently two baccalaureate-level degree types configured: Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) and Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA). A third type for Bachelor of Science (BS) is needed for state approved Bachelor of Science in Nursing and legislatively approved Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences degrees.

Service Desk Ticket: n/a

Deployed: UNKNOWN

MISSING ER Form to Attach

This request includes 2 fixes and 2 enhancements to the ctcLink CTC_STDNT_FTE table.

  1. Fix - Set FTES to 0 for enrollments coded with the RLMT repeat code.
    • The RLMT repeat code represents a class that has been repeated more than 3 times to align with SBCTC policy manual 5.40.25 Repeat Course Rule.  There is currently an RLMT Repeat code configured for this purpose, however, it has not been programmed into the FTE CEMLI and we have reports from colleges that it is not functioning correctly and causing issues with:
    • National Student Clearinghouse reporting
    • SAP Calculation
    • Transcripts
    • Ticket # related to the RLMT repeat code functionality:  128192
  2. Fix – Only select one class attribute value when a class section is associated to more than one.
    • When a college applies more than one value from the same class attribute to a class section, the FTE job fails due to a primary key violation.  When it fails for one college, it fails for all colleges.
    • We currently have a QARS report for this, but there is not enough time for a college to identify and resolve the issue before the FTE job runs every night.
    • We would like to pick up the min or the max attribute value to keep the primary key violation from happening.
  3. Enhancement - Set FTEs to 0 where the record is missing critical data elements required for the data warehouse.
    • The following data is required for the data warehouse:
    • CIP in the CLASS_TBL table
    • Fund Source Course Attribute (SFND) in the CLASS_ATTRIBUTE table
    • Missing or inactive plan stack in STDNT_CAR_TERM table
    • Some data is required for the data warehouse but is not technically required within ctcLink.  This causes delays in data warehouse processing when the data is missing at the time the snapshot is taken.
    • This data was required in legacy and was rejected from FTE calculations .
    • We make sure that the FTE values in the CTC_STDNT_FTE table matches exactly to the data warehouse extract.  When required data is missing, Data Services works directly with the college to correct the issue and then re-snapshot the data causing delays to the data availability in the data warehouse.
    • We currently do provide the colleges with QARS reports identifying the issues, but there are some instances where the error hasn’t been resolved prior to the snapshot date.
  4. Enhancement - Add a field to represent the reason why an enrollment is not generating FTEs.  Adding a description to reflect the reason will aid in the transparency of FTE calculations.
    • Over Repeat Limit (see #1 above)
    • Non-MIS Reportable Waiver
    • Official legislative FTEs are calculated for state-funded reportable students only.  Enrollments for the designated tuition waivers listed below are not eligible to generate state-supported FTEs.
  5. Type Legacy Fee Pay Status PS Waiver or Residency Exception:
    • Senior Citizens – Audit 10 W10
    • Unemployed Waiver 21 W21
    • Underemployed Waiver 22 W22
    • Native American non-resident waiver 25 SF02
    • State Employees 51 W51
    • Senior Citizens - Credit 56 W56
  6. Additional Details:
    • The current version of the FTE CEMLI sets the FTE values to 0 for these enrollments; however there is no indication in the CTC_STDNT_FTE table of the reason the FTEs are set to 0.
    • The field would be left blank (null) if the enrollment is not associated to one of the waivers listed above and would be populated with the waiver code if applicable.
    • No change to FTE calculations is needed, only a field to identify the waiver.
    • Missing Required Data Warehouse Value (see #2 above)
    • Missing Class CIP
    • Missing Fund Source Course Attribute (SFND)
    • Missing or inactive plan stack in STDNT_CAR_TERM table
    • Missing Contact Hours for non-credit bearing classes
    • Non-FTE Generating Class
    • Enrollment Add Date after the Census Date of the Class

Working Group Feedback/Comments:

Emphasized that the fixes and enhancements would be effective as of Summer Quarter 2022.  No changes will be made to previous quarter FTE calculations as the data has already had a snapshot taken for the data warehouse.

Originally presented to the Working Group on 08/17/2022.  Working Group then asked that it was presented to the ctcLink College Collaboration Group (C3G) before voting.  Presented to C3G on 08/24/22 to share with colleges for feedback.  Then on 09/07/222 was presented again and was approved by consensus by the Working Group.

Service Desk Ticket: 128192

Deployed: Targeted for September 2022

We (Data Services) would like to leverage a currently unused field in ctcLink to associate FA ITEM_TYPES to IPEDS Categories.  We are required to report the IPEDS FA information by IPEDS category.  The IPEDS category association would be updated via SQL Script for those that are obvious.  We will need to work with the college to update KEYWORD1 for those that are not obvious.

Moving forward, the KEYWORD1 value (IPEDS Category) will be provided by the college for any new FA ITEM_TYPES that are requested.


Configuration Table = KEYWORD_TBL and KEYWORD_NUM = 1  (screen shot provided below)

  • This request includes:
    • Create and configure valid values for KEYWORD1 – valid values = the IPEDS designated categories
      • Execute a SQL script to configure the values for all colleges
    • One-time Update KEYWORD1 values for existing ITEM_TYPES:
      • Execute a SQL script to update KEYWORD1 for each active FA ITEM_TYPE where possible
    • Provide the colleges a PS Query containing the crosswalk of ITEM_TYPE to KEYWORD1
    • To Maintain going forward:  Update the FA Support ITEM_TYPE request form to include the identification of the IPEDS category for any new ITEM_TYPE requested.
    • Update associated QRG’s
    • Create a document to include specifics around assigning the IPEDS category including the IPEDS official definition for use by the college when requesting a new ITEM_TYPE
    • Modify the data warehouse FA extract to include KEYWORD1
    • Collaborate with the SBCTC Finance Division and ctcLink Finance Support to align the use and reporting of the IPEDS categories.

Service Desk Ticket: 143377

Deployed: TBD - In Progress

1. GLOBAL CHANGE - Set Time Conflict in Class Option to Do not Check

2. GLOBAL CHANGE - Allow search by Class Number even when Schedule Print is Off (see ER attached for specific screenshots)

Service Desk Ticket: 118089 (Time Conflict), 128558 (Search by Class Number)

Deployed: TBD - In Progress

A custom page through which staff can upload student test scores in batch. The custom page supports selecting a .csv file for upload. Once the file is loaded, staff will view the data on the delivered Test Results page in PeopleSoft. This custom upload process supports:

- Multiple scores can be loaded for the same Test ID + Test Component as long as they have different dates (i.e. students retaking the same test)

- Includes logic to skip duplicated rows (the first row will load)

- Date must be in MM/DD/YYYY format, however, leading zero is optional for the month and date (i.e. both 02/01/2022 and 2/2/22 are acceptable)

- If an error is encountered in the file (either invalid data in file or database errors), while the “good” data will be inserted/updated in PeopleSoft, the process will end in “No Success.” This is intentional to encourage the staff member to review the log file, identify errors and determine resolution.

Access to this page and functionality will require a new security role for the following menu:

  • Menu CTC_SE235_MENU
  • Component CTC_RUN_TEST_LD
  • Page CTC_RUN_TEST_LD (full access)
  • Navigation: Navigator > Records and Enrollment > CTC Custom > CTC Processes > CTC Load Test Scores

This will also require Manager Services to create interface file paths (i.e./cs/psrepo/cspts/Interface/In/CS/TestScores/WA010).

​​Service Desk Ticket: 52986, 56250, 92921

Deployed: Targeted for August 2022

This Enhancement Request will align repeat functionality to uphold the state course repeat policy while also correctly retaining attempted units for both NSC reporting and SAP calculation. The changes needed include several steps, including the below. Details of these can be found in the Enhancement Request document.

- Creating a new repeat code for courses taken beyond the third attempt

- Including this new repeat code in the FTE CEMLI (E-198) so these courses are excluded from generating FTEs per the course repeat policy

- Aligning all college grade scheme tables and repeat rule exemptions to support this functionality and restricting college access from making changes

Service Desk Ticket: 128192, 126923, 120568

Deployed: TBD

Finance Pillar Enhancements

HCM request to remove the marital status button for Self Service users. The button Change Marital Status button leads to nowhere presently giving the user an error stating you are not authorized to this page.

Service Desk Ticket: 68438

Deployed: TBD

Enabling serial control:

Serial control within the Purchasing module allows for serial numbers and custodian information to entered at the point of receipt.  Asset profiles are added at the point of purchase by a buyer.  When the receiving agent creates a receipt, if serial control is enabled, the receiving agent can enter the serial number and custodian information before the asset is put into service by campus staff.  The item is then pushed into the AM staging tables after AP processing as a “unitized” asset, completely eliminating the need to run the additional unitization process.

Current process, without serial control, requires that serial and custodian information be captured outside of PeopleSoft, with unitization and subsequent data entry prior to pushing the asset into the AM module fully.  Assets are not pushed from the AP module to AM staging tables until after payment and the item is already in service.  

Enabling serial control is global configuration.  The option to enable serial control can be found using the following navigation: Items > Define Items and Attributes > Define Items and is tied to the SETID, of which, there is only one master set, WACTC.

One of the benefits of the integrated P2P process is the ability to capture crucial information regarding the purchased items at the various steps of the process.  

Service Desk Ticket: 112871

Deployed: TBD - Needs to go to Working Group for Decision

Request to restrict bank access in AP module by Business Unit. Users are able to use other colleges bank account to pay their vouchers. On the Payment tab of vouchers when users use look up for Bank it displays the list of all the bank a/cs setup in the Banking and can select to use it for payment.

Service Desk Ticket: 112685, 113279

Deployed: TBD

Enhancement requested to exclude manual payments in the positive pay file. All the Payments which is recorded in AP as manual Payment are picked up by the Positive pay file process and sent to Bank. These manual payments come through on Bank Recon report as “Outstanding”.

Service Desk Ticket: 111716, 121362, 127277

Deployed: TBD

Enhancement to revise the globally used custom User List CTC_UL_SUPERVISOR_BY_OPRID to consider the Business Unit while routing approval to supervisors. This would address the scenario where an employee is active at more than one college. The custom User List is currently in use by multiple colleges in various Finance modules (PO, AP, AR, & EX).

Service Desk Ticket: 126294, 125664, 126951, 129238, 129456, 136419, 136877

Deployed: TBD

Human Capital Management Pillar Enhancements

The current configuration in Self Service does show compensation history. It only displays the dollar amount and not the grade/step or reason for the move.  The colleges are requesting the Grade, Step and Reason also be included in the display.  When ctcLink went live, Tacoma and Spokane had the understanding that these fields would be included so they (Tacoma and Spokane) discontinued maintaining the excel spreadsheets manually with this data.  The documents were maintained for mail merges on documents sent out to employees regarding their new grade/step each time there was any movement/changes.

Service Desk Ticket: 57794

Deployed: UNKNOWN

SBCTC agency is requesting to implement position numbers (field) in PeopleSoft HCM.

Service Desk Ticket: 65385

Deployed: TBD

Working Group Comments:
5/29/19 (Updated from 3/13/19) Approved to move forward. Shon will move forward with Carmen and technical staff to determine resources and requirements.

Modify the delivered process Create Child Support EFT to use the Source Bank associated with the Company. A crosswalk would need to be created and used to maintain a relationship between the Company and the corresponding configured Source Bank for that Company.

Customer Support Comments:

Per former SB Business Operations Director; based on the challenges creating this process has caused with the additional 17 colleges going live over the next 9-10 months as since ctcLink colleges appear to be comfortable with the external to ctcLink process of submitting funds and files to Child Support, we are requesting this ticket be put on hold until after DG6. We will need to be sure to provide training (& prodding for Legacy colleges to set up their accounts with DCS BEFORE they go live.  One caveat:  Division of Child Support.  I will be communicating this to DCS and if they object vigorously, we might need to restart this customization.

Service Desk Ticket: 84046

Deployed: TBD

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) categories that are not applicable to the higher education system are currently active. We would like to request that these categories (all but EEO 6) be deactivated by deactivating all currently active codes within EEO 1, 4 and 5 except for the “N” codes which represent “No EEO-x Reporting”.

Service Desk Ticket: UNKNOWN

Deployed: TBD

FWL contract data is built and issued to part-time/moonlight faculty prior to quarter’s begin date. In effort to issue contracts to brand new faculty prior to quarter’s begin date, employee records for these faculty are built with an effective hire date predating faculty’s actual start date. This enhancement request is to change effective date range to allow for future EFFTDT hire row processing in FWL. This will enable timely processing of FWL contracts for new employees without the need of adjusting hire date.

Service Desk Ticket: N/A

Deployed: TBD

Establish a trigger in the FWL Mass Approval process that would generate an email communication when an approver chooses to check the ‘rescind’ radial dial and click Submit button on the Mass Approval page. The denial communication would need to go back to the user that ‘submitted’ the contract for approval. In addition to the code changes required to trigger the communication, additional local configuration would be needed for each college to establish the email message content for any denials sent by this new code change in the FWL Mass Approval page.

Service Desk Ticket: N/A

Deployed: TBD

This request to improve the usability on the Maintain FWL page to increase user productivity involves the following changes:

• Change Field Order in Maintain FWL/CS to HCM Pay Line Grid

• Include/Display Header Data in all Tabs of Maintain FWL page

• Add “Recalc All” button to FWL Grid Page

Such improvements would reduce errors, ensure that users are assured of the instructor being processed, regardless of the tab being worked and be able to send screen shots to support on tabs 2-4 that include instructor header information and finally, reduce the need to jump back to the first tab to perform recalculation actions.

On the following pages, please find screen shots and details of the changes desired. This enhancement request is being submitted as one request since all changes impact the same code base and are an effective us of development and testing resources to pursue at the same time.

Service Desk Ticket: N/A

Deployed: TBD

To reduce the number of errors where college users are selecting the incorrect job record due to not having sufficient visibility to differentiate one job record from another, a request is being made to increase the amount of information the user can see from the various pages where they would use a lookup (spy glass icon) to find the available job records to attribute to a specific teaching assignment (class).

Currently users see the following values at Lookup:

  • Employee Record Number (Empl Rcd #)
  • Department ID
  • Department Description
  • Job Code
  • Job Title
  • Organizational Relationship
  • Employee Status

Ideally users would like to add the following values to the user’s returned information on the lookup:

  • HR Business Unit (for example HR171, HR172, HR070, HR062)
  • Employee Classification (to differentiate FT Faculty, PT Faculty, Hourly or Paraprofessional)
  • Employee’s Earnings Code (for example, PTF, MLC, STP)
  • Combo Code Associated with the Earnings Code
  • Combo Code Description

Change the Empl Rcd# lookup (Prompt Record) to add these additional fields in the following components:

  • Schedule New Course,
  • Maintain Schedule of Classes
  • Schedule Class Meetings
  • Instructor Term Workload

Modify the Empl Rcd# lookup in the following component to utilize the same Prompt Record as the above components:

  • Maintain FWL - FWL Grid Tab

This would change the returned rows in the Empl Rcd# Lookup from 1 per ERN#, to 1 per Earn Code/Combo Code combination. It would still ONLY post the Empl Rcd# to populate the field, but users would feel confident that they have the job record associated with the budget (combo code) they intent the class to be paid from. Users would still need to manage the correct combo code assignment on the Payline in Maintain FWL, as the system does not store combo code data on each of these delivered pages, only the Empl Rcd#.

Service Desk Ticket: N/A

Deployed: TBD

Approved - Deployed
All Pillars Enhancements (Impacts All Pillars)
[ALL] ER#65 ALL PILLARS & RPT Gender Neutral (WG Decision Date: 4/1/2020)

This request asks to add an additional biological sex category representing neutral, or gender "X" in addition to the existing values of "M" and "F".  The requests is associated to both CS and HCM pillars.

Service Desk Ticket: N/A

Deployed: 4/1/2020

[ALL] ER#68 ALL PILLARS Screen Reader Mode (WG Decision Date: 9/4/2019)

This request is changing some accessibility issues on the login screen.  The checkbox that allows for screen reader mode to be activated will have the words “Enable Screen Reader Mode” with a description underneath with what screen reader mode means.  All the words in the box will also have more contrast.  They will become darker, bolded and font size will change so it is easier for those with visual impairments to see the words better

Service Desk Ticket: UNKNOWN

Deployed: Yes, during DG5 (deployment date requires verification)

Campus Solutions Pillar Enhancements
[CS] ER# 13 CS Online Admissions Application (OAA) Improvements (2/06/19 - WG Decision Date)

The Online Admissions Workgroup is actively pursuing a replacement solution for Ciber’s OAA. In the meantime, the following 14 enhancement requests to the existing OAA have been identified:

1. To encourage applicants to respond to non-required sections, change the description of these sections from “Optional” to “Additional”.

2. Add a “Next” button to help applicants proceed through and complete the application more easily.

3. Eliminate double entry of citizenship data for international applicants.

4. Remove the Citizenship and Visa sections from non-international application templates.

5. Restore the floating help text icons’ functionality, which has not worked since the migration to Amazon Web Services.

6. Update the help text content dynamically based on the applicant’s selections.

7. Improve the help text for Academic Program and Admit Type selections.

8. Fix the alignment of the dropdown menus and their headers on the Academic Data Selection page.

9. Do not require students to select Academic Career or Campus values on the Academic Data Selection page.

10. Automatically re-direct students to the submit page when all required sections are complete.

11. Modernize the font styles and colors used throughout the OAA.

12. Add functionality to allow Academic Plan code exclusions to be a local configuration (currently global).

13. Update the default values that are passed from OAA to the student’s External Education record in Campus Solutions. Currently, “High School - 9th Grade” is sent for all high school and post-secondary schools.

14. Sort the list of Admit Terms chronologically rather than alphabetically.

Service Desk Ticket: n/a

Deployed: Ciber OAA Product was updated in Production, but subsequently retired and replaced with (KasTech) OAAP in February 2021

[CS] ER#15 SF Teach Grant (2/6/2019 WG Decision Date)

Create global Student Financial Item Types and corresponding Financial Aid Item Types for the 3rd and 4th year of federal Teach Grant program.  

Service Desk Ticket: 56380

Deployed: 7/1/2020

Working Group Comments:
This is a grant for junior and senior students in a teacher education program.  However, if a student does not meet certain qualifications, it will be a traditional loan.  FYI – there will be new SF & FA Item types.

[CS] ER#21 CS Student Navigation Collections (4/17/19)

Due to gaps in Oracle’s delivery of a fully Fluid Self-Service, global classic pages that students are accustomed to utilizing must be brought into the new interface. This should be done using a Classic Plus approach to the delivered Student Homepage to ensure students have access to critical functionality but can still utilize the new technology.

Service Desk Ticket: n/a

Deployed: 10/11/19

[CS] ER#22 CS Staff Fluid Navigation Collections (4/17/19 - WG Decision Date)

Development of staff-based navigation collections for common global business processes including Curriculum Management, Admissions Processing, Student Financials, and Financial Aid.

Service Desk Ticket: n/a

Deployed: 10/11/2019

[CS] ER#23 CS Gender Neutral Ethnic Groups (3/18/20 - WG Decision Date)

Add/Amend gender neutral ethnic group descriptions.

Service Desk Ticket: n/a

Deployed: 6/5/2020

MISSING ER Form to Attach (research in progress)

[CS/HCM] ER#24 CS & HCM Name Prefix Type (4/5/19 - WG Decision Date)

Add/Amend Gender neutral Name Prefix Type, Mx  in Campus Solutions and HCM.

Service Desk Ticket: 65792

Deployed: 4/8/2019

MISSING ER Form to Attach (research in progress)

[CS] ER# 25 CS National Student Clearinghouse Reporting Request (12/11/2019 WG Decision Date)

Add the following additional statuses to the Academic Statistics Type page for NSC reporting and should only be included in the report of the student is term activated:

• Discontinued

• Deceased

Service Desk Ticket: 60609, 62980

Deployed: 2/14/2020

[CS] ER# 26 CS Use of Sub-plans for Guided Pathways Initiative (3/18/2020 Decision Date)

Utilizing academic sub-plans to achieve efficiencies in record maintenance and academic advisement report coding.

Service Desk Ticket: 69587

Deployed: 8/27/2020

[CS] ER# 27 CS Student self-identification of Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Preferred Pronouns (3/18/20 - WG Decision Date)

Student self-identification of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation is to be collected utilizing existing data language, and that it be updatable by the student, just as they are able to update other demographic information (such as name, address, etc.). As with other demographic identities, this information can be fluid and because student comfort with and readiness for disclosure may evolve over time, it is important that the system allow the flexibility for changes throughout a student's lifecycle without compromising student privacy.

Service Desk Ticket: 21837

Deployed: 7/30/2020

Working Group Feedback/Comments:
4/17/19: Working group decided to table the decision. Would like more information regarding security and who has access.

3/10/2020: Reassiging to Carmen.  Ana and JH on assigned to so they have this as FYI only.  
3/18/2020:  Approved by Working Group.   (Refer to the latest attachments to this request).

The sub-group is still meeting to discuss pronouns and the different options.  Once this has been fully reviewed, a proposal will be brought to Working Group for approval.

Carmen also discussed the options of timing on implementation for these changes.  The plan is to have this ready and tested in time for DG3-B go-live.

[CS] ER#50 Transfer Degree Title Change: AS-T Track 1 and 2 degrees (WG Decision Date: 06/26/2019)

The Articulation and Transfer Council (ATC) approved a slight modification in the Associate in Science-Transfer Track 1 and Track 2 degree descriptors.  As approved:


Service Desk Ticket: 72019

Deployed: 9/11/2019

[CS] ER#53 CS & RPT Deactivate SCCN Course Attribute (WG Decision Date: 06/26/2019)

For the purpose of data quality, I am requesting that we discontinue the use of the SCCN course attribute as well as the addition of “CCN” in the course title during conversion.  

The SCCN course attribute has already been deactivated in Production, this was done on 1/1/2019 during a course attribute clean up exercise.    However, it has not been removed from the conversion scripts so converted data still has this assignment in the project environments.  

Service Desk Ticket: N/A

Deployed: N/A - Issue Isolated to Project Conversion/Environments

[CS] ER#70 Batch Advisor Assignment Customization - SE230 (WG Decision Date: 3/18/2020)

Customization that allows for multiple students to be assigned to an advisor via batch assignment. Currently this is a manual process 1 by 1. Colleges are not able to keep up with assigning advisors with current functionality.

-Assign new advisors/committee to students in batch

-Add additional advisor/committee to students in batch

- Mass re-assignment of advisors

Service Desk Ticket: N/A

Deployed: 5/11/2020

[CS] ER#82 CS Annual Schedule (6/24/20 - WG Decision Date)

We need to have an annual schedule and registration functionality set up for the academic year 2020-2021.  I think the Instruction Commission is also putting in this enhancement request. (6/24/20 - WG Decision Date)

Service Desk Ticket: 85453

Deployed: 2/25/2021

The Term Values Table has been set so that the on April 1 of each year, the full Academic Year will be visible.  

[CS] ER#84 Global FERPA Directory Information (9/16/20 - WG Decision Date)

Modify configuration of the delivered FERPA block information in ctcLink to align with the DGC's proposal (attached).

Service Desk Ticket: 95764

Deployed: 7/16/2021

[CS] ER#85 CEMLI – Student Alert SE231 (WG Decision Date: 9/30/2020)

The extension is developed to replace the current CEMLI E-206 Early Alert System.

Provide a description of change being requested. Provide sufficient detail, including problem statement and whether the change impacts global or local configuration.

The extension is developed to replace the current CEMLI E-206 Early Alert System.

  • Student Alert system leverages PeopleSoft delivered Notification Framework
  • Custom page developed to define Alert Codes, Alert Organizations and Alert Responders
  • Custom page developed to Create Student Alert, the system then sends email notification to alert responder for action.

Submit Alert links have been provided on Class Roster and Advisee Student Center page allowing instructor and advisor to create student alert.

  • Custom page developed for alert responder to Review Student Alert. Based on the action of responder an email notification will be generated to student.

SE231  Student Alert System will replace existing E-206 Early Alert System. Customization performed on PeopleSoft delivered Faculty Center Class Roster, Advisee Student Center page to provide link to submit alert.

Service Desk Ticket: 99747

Deployed: 2/8/2021

[CS] ER#92 Class Schedule Search Functionality (WG Decision Date: 3/17/2021)

We are requesting to uncheck the box for “Show open classes only” in the class schedule search. The checkbox is currently defaulted to checked as a global configuration.

Service Desk Ticket: 85458

Deployed: 5/19/2021

[CS] ER#115 HighPoint Mobile Student Facing Class Search (WG Decision Date: 3/17/2021, 3/31/2021)

We are requesting to uncheck the box for “Show open classes only” in the HighPoint Mobile class schedule search. The checkbox is currently defaulted to checked as a global configuration.

Service Desk Ticket: 109376

Deployed: 3/26/2021