Applying Roles Through Launchpad

Purpose:  Use this document to apply roles through Launchpad.

Audience:  Security

Navigation:  Main Menu > Report Tools > Query > Query Manager

  1. Find existing query to use.  (For this example, CTC_SEC_ROLE_USER will be used).
  1. Click Edit.
  2. Click the Run tab and enter the name of the role that you are searching. (For this example, CTC_FA_PROG_ASSIST is used).
  3. Click OK.

Query results will be shown. (This query returned 23 records that match).

  1. Click Save.

Adding a Role - Mass

Navigation:  Main Menu > Launchpad > Launchpad

  1. Click on Security Profile Maintenance link.

If you do not have a Run Control created, you will need to create one.

  1. Enter the appropriate information into the following fields: (for this example, JPARKER_SEC was used).
  • Maintenance Type
  • Product Pillar
  • Query Name
  • Role Name
  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Run.

Validate that the application of that role was successful by running the query from earlier again.  Make sure to use the correctly spelled role name.


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