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Using Launchpad to Produce a Security Matrix

Purpose:  To run and produce a csv file, assisting in building security.

Audience:  Security

Navigation:  Main Menu > Launchpad > Launchpad

Please Note:  Campus Solutions and Student Financials folder is used as an example only in this article.  Choose which file you wish to use.  

  1. Click on Launch Security Matrix
Launchpad page
  1. Expand folder.
  2. Click Student Financials.
  3. Click OK.
File list

Message window appears.

  1. Click OK.
Build Security Matrix
  1. When the process completes, click the Details link.
  2. Click the Refresh button to update the Status column.
Process List tab
  1. Click View Log/Trace.
Process Detail page
View Log Trace page
  1. Click Student Financials.csv
  1. Click Open.
  2. Click Allow.  (an Excel spreadsheet will open).
  1. Within the Excel spreedsheet, search for the component you need to access. (For this example, STDNT_EQUTN_VARS was used).
Search Criteria
Sample Excel spreadsheet

Using the Excel spreadsheet, you are able to manipulate the component that the user need to access.  You can compare the roles to see if the user currently has one assigned or assign one that applies.


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