Role Security Analysis Using Launchpad

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to run security matrix using Launchpad

Audience: Campus Solutions College Security Administrators

Step 1 - Run a Security Matrix

Navigation:  Main Menu> Launchpad > Launchpad

Please Note:  Launchpad screens are different from Pillar to Pillar.

  1. Click on Launch Security Matrix
  1. Expand Portal Structure by clicking on the hyperlink.
  1. Click on the module you would like to download.
  1. Click on OK.

Observe that the Run Status is Queued and Distribution Status is N/A.

  1. Click on the Refresh button to refresh page and until the Run Status and shows Success and the Distribution Status shows Posted.
  2. Click on Details hyperlink.
  1. Select View Log/Trace hyperlink.
  1. Select the Records and Enrollment.csv file.
  1. Click Open.

Csv file opens into Excel.

  1. Use Save As to save to your computer.
  1. In column H are the roles that have been assigned navigation, pages, and actions to specific Roles.  The N in th column denotes "No" permissions.
  2. In column G-Action, tells you what actions are available for the navigation and page.  

Action Codes Descriptions

Code Description
A Add
U Update/Display - add a new row
L Update/Display All - historical rows of data
C Correction

Step 3 - Determine which roles have specific permissions and the actions that can be performed on the page.


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