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COPY FS User Preferences to Users Using Launchpad
Navigation:  Main Menu > Launchpad >  Launchpad

  1. Click on Copy User Preferences Setup Security.
Launchpad page
  1. Copy FS User Preferences page.
Copy From page

Enter the User ID in which you want to “copy from”.  

  1. Check the values that you want to copy or click on the Select All button  this will check all the boxes/values.
  2. Enter the UserIDs in which you want to “Copy To”. (You can add multiple users by clicking on the plus  sign).
  3. Select the Copy button (this copies the FS User Preferences from the Copy From UserID to the Copy To UserID(s)).  There could be one or many UserIDs.

There are several UserID templates created for FS User Preferences security  depending on what role(s) the user has.  You will need to review the security matrix roles the user has been assigned, and apply the FS User Preference Template for one of those roles.  You can only assign one FS User Template to a UserID.  

Copy From page


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