9.2 Communications- Using Image Links in Templates

Purpose:  Use this document to use image links in Communication Templates in ctcLink.

Audience:  Communication builders

CtcLink has the ability to store images such as logos and letterhead that can be standardized for size and inserted into a ctcLink communication templates by inputting an URL.  A list of the available logo URLs can be found at the end of this QRG.  

You must also set the following SACR Security permissions:


Image URLs should be tested for placement and size in the PCD environment before using them in the Production environment.

  1. When updating the letter template, insert the URL for the image you wish to use in the place you want the image to appear in your template.
Sample Communication template
  1. Follow the details on adding the updated letter template on the Report Definition page using the following QRG: 9.2 Communications - Updating a Letter Template with and without Merge Fields. 
  2. The image will appear as part of the Generated Communication when the communication generation process is run, as shown below.
Sample Communication template

If new images are needed, please submit a Service Desk ticket. When submitting a CS Support ticket, include the image inserted into the word document sized to the image required by the template. The support team will configure the new image and respond to the ticket with an  URL that can be used in your communication templates.

  1. The following shows existing images and URLs that are currently available:

SCC:  <?import:psxmlp://WA171LOGO001?><?call:SpokaneLogo001?>

Spokane Community College image

SFCC: <?import:psxmlp://WA172LOGO001?><?call:SpokaneFallsLogo001?>

Spokane Falls Community College image

TCC:  <?import:psxmlp://WA220LOGO001?><?call:TCCLogo001?>

Tacoma Community College image
  1. Process complete.


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