Mobile - Degree Progress

Purpose:  Use this document to be able to view degree progress in your Student Center using the college Mobile Application.

Audience:  Students.

Degree Progress

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard from your Mobile Application.
  2. Select the Academics menu from the My Links section on the left.
  3. The Academics menu expands.
  4. Select the Degree Progress option from the Academics list.
Academics menu

NOTE:  This is called View my advisement report in the Student Center.

View My Advisement Report
  1. The Degree Progress page displays.
Degree progress page
  1. You can view course options and see what requirements you have met.
Degree progress page
  1. You can also see what classes are offered to meet your degree requirements.
Degree progress page
Courses page
Courses page
  1. View sections if more than one is available and add a class to your planner.
Course Details page
  1. Select the Add to Planner button.
Add to Planner button
  1. Process complete.


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