Mobile - What-If

Purpose:  Use this document to be able to view grades, programs and degree progress in your Student Center using the college Mobile Application.

Audience:  Students

  1. To view results of changing your major or courses, select the What-If option under the Academics list item.
Academics menu
  1. You can create a new report or view an existing report (you have previously created and saved).
Create New Report button
  1. Select the Create New Report option to experiment with scenarios.
  2. Choose the term and pick programs.
Create what if scenario page
  1. You can Browse the Course Catalog to choose courses.
  2. When you are finished, select the Submit button.
Browse Course Catalog, submit page
  1. You will see a What-If progress page that includes the courses for the option you chose.
What if page
What if page, courses


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