Student Self-Service: Make a Payment

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for making payments to student accounts in ctcLink.

Audience: Students

Make a Payment

Navigation: Gateway → Student Center → Make a Payment

  1. Select the make a payment link in the Finances section.
Academics and Finances page
  1. Enter the Payment Amount and click Next.
Make a Payment Specify Payment Amount
  1. Select the payment method in Pay By and click Next.
Make a Payment Select Payment Method
  1. Read the Confirm Payment information box and select Continue to Make Payment if the information is correct. You will be directed to a third party page to complete the secure payment.
Make a Payment Confirm Payment
  1. Enter your account information and click Pay.
Billing Information and Payment Details
  1. Confirm the information on the Submit Payment page and click Submit.
Make a Payment Submit a Payment
  1. The Payment Result page confirms your successful payment or notifies you of an error.
Make a Payment Payment Result

Process complete.


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