9.2 Processing a Suspended Application (Fluid)

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to process a suspended application in ctcLinkFluid, using the Admissions Processing section of the CS Staff Homepage.

Audience: Student Services staff.

Processing a Suspended Application

Navigation: ctcLink CS Staff Homepage > Admissions Processing Tile

CS staff homepage
  1. The Admissions Processing page displays.
  2. Select the Processing Applications menu on the left.
  3. The Processing Applications menu expands.
  4. Select the Application Transactions sub-menu.
  5. The Application Transactions page displays.
  6. Enter the Academic Institution.
  7. Select Constituent Status = "Suspended".
  8. Select Search.
  9. Search Results display.
  10. Select a Suspended Application to review.
Application Transactions search pag
  1. The Application Data tab displays.
  2. Select the Constituent Staging link.
Application Data tab
  1. The Constituent Staging summary page displays.
  2. Select the Search/Match Results link.
Summary Information tab
  1. A new browser tab will open showing the Integrated Search Results page.
  2. Select Detail for the matching student.
Integrated Search Results page
  1. A new browser tab will open on the Add/Update a Person page for the matching student.
  2. Keep this tab open.
Biographical Details tab
  1. Return to the original Constituent Details browser tab and select the Constituent Details tab.
  2. Compare the data between the two browser tabs:
    • Constituent Information details for the Applicant with the Person Information for the matching existing student.
Constituent Data tab
  1. If the data matches, go to the Constituent Details browser window and change the Constituent Status to Update ID.
  2. An ID box will display the ID.
  3. Verify the ID for the matching Person is valid.
  4. Select Run Search/Match/Post.
Constituent Details tab
  1. The grayed out Post Transaction button will display.
Grayed out Post Transaction Data button
  1. If the data from Step 11 does not match all the criteria conflicting information, you have the option to select Ignore or Cancelled. The suspended application will not appear in the suspense query results (QCS_RA_APPLICATION_STAGING). There will be occasions when you leave the application in suspense until you reach out to the student. For example, suppose you notice the student's information matches all criteria except for the SSN. You do not want to select Update ID and Run Search/Match Post until you have confirmed, with the student, the correct SSN.
  2. If the data from Step 11 does not match, go to the Constituent Details browser window and change the Constituent Status to Add a New ID. If you do not thoroughly compare the constituent details of the student with the information on the Add/Update a Person page, you will create a duplicate student ID.
  3. Select Search/Match/Post and the grayed out Post Transaction button will display.
  4. To validate that the application was processed, go to the Application Maintenance page and verify the new application.
    • Navigation: NavBar > Navigator > Student Admissions  >Application Maintenance  >Maintain Applications
Biographical Details page
  1. Process complete.


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