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9.2 Recommended Business Process for Disbursing CARES in ctcLink

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference on how to disburse CARES funds in ctcLink.

Audience:  Financial Aid Staff, Student Financials Staff.

Item Types: There is still the existing FA item type to disburse funds (911000000015). 

A new REFUND item type was created to distinguish CARES funds for Bank Mobile’s request, 590000000005; along with making sure these particular funds are refunded directly to the student and not applied to a prior refund balance from a census date/R2T4 adjustment. Please review the GL chart strings in the Item Type Set Up to make sure the chart string is correct. 

What does the business process look like? 

  1. Financial Aid must process CARES disbursements separately from any regular batch financial aid disbursements. Please authorize and disburse only the CARES item type 911000000015 in your run control parameters for these steps. Inform your responsible SF staff that your disbursement process is done and ready to post. Additionally, in the screen shots below, you can see how the Batch Authorization and Batch Disbursement pages allow for isolation of Authorization and Disbursement of the CARES item type.  See the following QRGs on authorizing and processing disbursements
Authorization page with CARES Act Item Type selected
Disburse aid in batch page with CARES Act Item Type selected
  1. This step will create a group post for SF to ‘upload’ and apply (apply) to student’s customer account (just like with traditional awarding). 
  2. SF will need to create a new Run Control for CARES refunds to keep everything separate and clean for CARES funding.  The only updates to the run control will be on the batch refund tab and on the item type tab. You will need to select the refund item type of 590000000005 on the batch refund tab.
Batch Refunds page with Refund Item Type of CARES Refund defined
  1. Then, you will need to select the CARES item type 911000000015 (and possibly SWS grant) on the Item Type tab. Everything else on the rest of the tabs will stay the same as your traditional refund run control. 
Item Types cares act defined
  1. SF will run the Bank Mobile (Higher One) Refund Interface page. Again, Support recommends a new run control for this particular file.  The difference on this page will be selecting the 590000000005 item type.  It will generate the same file format for Bank Mobile to receive.
Bank Mobile Higher One Interface with CARES refund defined

Note: if Bank Mobile needs the name of the file, the file name is located in the log trace link when you review the details of the instance on the process monitor. The file begins with WA and ends with .ref. 

  1. Once the refund file has been generated using the interface page, the FA office can resume with the rest of the traditional awarding and SF will continue with the group posting and traditional refunding process.  
  2. End of processes.

Questions and Answers

Q1.  Will we have to send multiple wire transfers to Bank Mobile and get assessed multiple transfer fees?

A1.  No, Spokane checked with their rep and one wire transfer will suffice.  They would like you to let them know how much of that transfer is specifically for the CARES funding file(s). We do recommend reaching out to your rep to see if the same plan will work for your reps. 

Q2.  Do we need new second journal set (SJS) values for anything?

A2.  The only SJS values will be on the financial aid item type, 911000000015. 

Q3.  What if we don’t utilize Bank Mobile?

A3.  The same business process will be applied using the 2 separate disbursements.  The only caveat is you will run the AP Interface process to generate the refund vouchers on the Finance side. 


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