Financial Aid Dual Processing Business Processing Guide

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference on how to run Legacy/ctcLink Dual Processing in Financial Aid.

Audience: Financial Aid Staff

The link below provides access to a preview of the business processing guide. Some of the document formatting may be lost in the preview mode. To view document in it’s entirety, select the download icon (down arrow with a line underneath) on the right side of the document to download and/or edit the processing guide.

Dual Processing Business Processing Guide


Joy Hicks

There are several pages where the inserted notes (text boxes/arrows) are cut off in part or completely. Pages: cover, 30, 61, 69, 85, 86, 108, 116, 130 . Other pages look like they may be missing information (pg. 26 is an example).

Kelly Forsberg

Hi Joy! Thanks for your comment. When you first open the guide-- yes-- some of the images and the notes will appear as 'cut off' from the guide. Once the guide is opened in Google Docs, select "File" and you can then download a copy of the guide to MS Word, and then the images and notes will fit to the page.

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