Running Start Special Funding

Purpose:  Use this document to set up the two new Running Start (RS) programs.

Audience:  Student Financials, Running Start Staff, Financial Aid Staff, Core Staff

Running Start Program Processing

ESSER Program and 3rd Party Contract

The ESSER Program is reimbursed dollar for dollar, so third-party contracts are an already established process wholly contained within the CS Pillar. Third-party contracts provide easy to read student and organization account information.  In addition, the third party contract pages display comprehensive student/term-based program information for staff, allow for queries to be easily created, produce easy to read billing/invoices, and allow the cashier’s office to remit payment to each program.

Another reason we are using third-party contracts for the ESSER Running Start program is that they may be used in tandem with the already established Student Group coding process (for the regular academic year.)

In order for the student program data to be easily queried from ctcLink/DataLink, two new item types and one new external organization have been created. The item types will allow for both the students’ accounts and the programs (via the external org #'s) to be queried. The ESSER program may be viewed in the “View Corporate Account” ctcLink page and will contain all student related charges in addition to payments receipted from each program.

As with any third-party contract, when accepting payment from the ESSER program (Corporate Account), be sure to include the Contract ID (student ID#). 

State Summer Support (RS)

The State Summer Support program is currently only available for the Summer term of 2022 and unlike the ESSER Program, is not reimbursed dollar for dollar.  The processes for administering the State Summer Support (RS) program are similar to the processes used in the regular academic year. However, in the Summer Support program, either SRSR or SRSL may be used.  In the case of using the SRSL student group, fees would be covered by the institution and the tuition would be covered by the State Summer Support funding.  At the end of the summer, use the RS Billing report to attain the necessary data to invoice OSPI.  

Processing Notes:

  • RS students that exceed the 1.2 FTE in fall, winter, spring, and/or take a course in the summer must have their residency determined. This means all students accessing these funds need to have their residency determined to ensure accuracy in tuition rates for both funding streams.
    • We suggest reaching out to your college Registrars ASAP to determine how to proceed.
  • Courses below 100 level cannot be funded
  • The ESSER & State Summer Support programs may not be used together (no double dipping)
State Summer Support contact info:

Please use the below contact information for State Summer Support reimbursement:

State Summer Support Account       Email =

C/O Accounts Payable           Phone = 360 725 6000

47200 Old Capitol Building

P.O. Box 47200

Olympia, WA 98504-7200

Create 3rd Party Contract (ESSER program only)
Third Party Contract (tab 1)

Navigation:  Student Financials > Payment Plans > Third Party Contract > Create

Contract Parameters (External Org #'s)

  • ESSER RS Support Acct = #202858520

Enter the following based on institutional naming convention:

  1. Description
  2. Short Description
  3. Long Description
  4. External Org ID.
  5. Status: Select from the list of values; turn it on with Active.
  6. Contract Priority = Pre-populated @ 99999
  7. Enforce Contract Max: Typically leave checked (default).
  8. Contact Type: Select from the list of values. Review the external organizations address for type confirmation.
  9. Contract Max: Maximum monetary amount that the sponsor provides for all sponsored students combined. This amount cannot be adjusted after students are assigned to the contract.
  10. Student Max: Enter the maximum the sponsor provides per student. This amount cannot be adjusted after students are assigned to the contract.
  11. Charge Tree: Select Item Security for the applicable business unit.
  12. Last Date: Enter the last date that new charges can be covered or new students can be assigned. Recommend that this date is set out into the future.  This value cannot be adjusted after students area linked to the contract.
  13. Select the Cross Reference Student Charge checkbox, this provides student details on the corporate account.
3rd Party Contract tab 1 info
Third Party Contract Detail (tab 2)

Tab is not used/filled out.

3rd party contract tab 2 with no fields completed
Third Party Item Types (tab 3)

Contract Parameters (Item type #'s)

ESSER Running Start Support Program

  • Charge Item Type:  ESSER RS Support Acct = 320002028585
  • Credit Account Type:  Paid By:  ESSER RS Support Acct = 620002028585

Complete the following fields:

  1. Account TypeTPC (third party contract)
  2. Charge Item Type: Enter or look up.
  3. Discount Item Type: Optional to allow discounts to third party sponsors.
  4. Credit Account Type: TPC (Third Party)
  5. Credit Item Type: Enter or look up.
  6. Contract Type: Specific term
  7. Term: Enter or lookup the term in which the contract applies.
3rd party contract tab 3 with fields filled in
Third Party Charges (tab 4)

Contract Parameters (Tree Nodes) -

  • ESSER RS Support Acct = Tuition, books, tools, testing, and required student fees (lab fees, technology fees, course/class fees.)

The Third Party Charges tab displays. Enter the following:

  1. Tree Node: Select the nodes that can be billed to the third party sponsor.
  2. Max Amount: Enter the maximum amount to to be transferred to the corporate account for the corresponding tree node.
    1. Consider using specific dollar amounts per charge Tree Node
  3. Percentage: Typically 100%.
  4. Charge Item Type:  Should be the same as entered on the Third Party Item Types tab.

Prior to use in the ctcLink Production environment, be sure to test this contract process in the PCD environment to ensure that all fees are properly organized in the selected Tree Nodes. Review and validate the Tree Nodes so that all charges that can be paid are included.

3rd party contract tab 4 with fields completed
Assign ESSER Students to Contract

Navigation: Student Financials > Payment Plans > Third Party Contract > Assign

Prior to assigning students to the contract, be sure to query if any students are taking any <100 classes.

The Assign Students to Third Party page displays.

  1. Enter your Business Unit.
  2. Enter the Contract Number or External Org.
  3. Select Search.
  4. Enter Student ID(s) that you want to assign to this contract.
  5. Update the Student Max, if required.  This amount can be lower than the Student Max at the contract level but cannot be higher.
  6. Status: Active
  7. Priority: No change
  8. Additional Details Link: Use the Reference Nbr field to display information on the TPC_REF invoice template.
  9. Select the Post button.

ESSER Running Start students must have 0 credits as Maximum Units & be coded as Resident for use in Summer 2022 3rd Party Contracts process.

3rd party contract assign page filled out
Additional Information
  • (PENDING VALIDATION) QCS_SR_RS_ESSER - Student population in the ESSER program
  • QCS_SR_RSBILLING - Use for the State Summer Support invoicing
  • QCS_SF_THIRD_PRTY_VNDR_PAY_RCN - 3RD Party Vendor Pay Recon 
3rd party query invoice image
  • QCS_SR_RESIDENCY_STDNT_GRP - Residency & Student Groups
Residency query image of results
  • QCS_SR_RS_RESIDENCY_UD - EV and RS residency
Alternate residency query image
3rd Party Contract Invoicing (Standard Template & BI Query Invoice)

Consider waiting further into the term prior to running the invoice process to ensure all drops/adds have been tuition calc'd.

1.  Standard Template (TPC_REF)

Please follow the instructions (found at QRG 9.2 Invoice a Third Party Contract,) to produce the Standard Template invoice similar to the below image.

Invoice image of standard 3rd party invoice

2.  BI Query Invoice

Please follow the instructions (found at QRG Third Party Contract Invoice Query,) to produce the BI Query Invoice similar to the below image.

This invoice is dependent on the Standard Template invoicing process being run to success.

3rd party contract BI query invoice example


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