How to Access the cDR

The cDR Governance Team has decided that access to the cDR is by invitation only. Those with an email address, referred to as "managed users," will access the cDR with a designated licensed account paid for with project funds.

College users, referred to as "external users," are designated by their ctcLink project manager who provides a list of invitees to the cDR Manager. An invitation will be sent to external users at their college email address and will be prompted to create a account during the invitation acceptance process.

Anyone having difficulty gaining access to the cDR should contact the cDR Manager.

What Content Can I Access in the cDR?

 Any content that supports the purpose of the cDR may be found in the cDR. Content will be continuously added from launch through the time that all colleges have successfully implemented the PeopleSoft ERP system.  Content archived in previous storage solutions will also be brought into the cDR.  

The cDR Governance Team decided that except in a very few instance, all those who are invited to the cDR will have access to all of the content.  The exception to this is:

  • Content that requires restricted access for security reasons. This would be content of a technical nature, that, should it be inappropriately distributed, could expose the system to risk.   
  • Each college has a college collaboration folder.  Access is restricted to the individual college and to individuals identified by the college ctcLink project manager.  
  • Content that predates the launch of the cDR and lives in previous storage solutions, such as various     SharePoint sites, will be migrated to the cDR.  Content deemed to be no longer relevant and is merely kept for historical reasons will live in an archive section and will only be accessible to ctcLink project     management staff at SBCTC.   

If you are looking for content and can’t find it, please drop an email to  You will be helped to locate it, or if it is not yet in the cDR, it will be put on the content inventory of items to migrate to the cDR.  

What Happens After I'm Invited?

Users of Box are invited to view content by being invited to folders. This will mean that you will receive more than one invitation. Until you accept the invitation you will not have access to that folder of content.

Can I Download Content from the cDR?

Most users of the cDR will have read-only access. This is necessary to limit what content is uploaded to the cDR and to ensure that it is accurate and the latest version. While Box does provide a "preview" mode for reading documents, depending on how the document is to be used, it may provide a better user experience to download it and read it in its native software (such as MS Word).

Keep in mind that storing the document locally is not advised as an updated version may at some point be uploaded to the cDR making the previously download document outdate, or even inaccurate.

Can I Share the Document With Someone Else?

The cDR implementation of Box has disabled sharing of content with people who have not been invited by the cDR Manager. You are NOT to share downloads with others. If someone needs access to ctcLink-related documentation they should contact college ctcLink project manager.

Can We Collaborate in the cDR?

The cDR is intended as a means of sharing ready-to-use project documentation. As such, at the time of launch, it is not intended to be to be used as a place to collaborate. HOWEVER, each college is provided with a collaboration folder that they can use for this purpose. Access is limited to college members designated by the college project manager who will manage this space.