9.2 Send a Student Notification in Faculty Center

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for sending a student a notification from the Faculty Center.

Audience: ctcLink Faculty.

Send a Student Notification in Faculty Center

Navigation:  ctcLink Gateway > Faculty Center

  1. The Faculty Center My Schedule page displays.
  2. Verify you are viewing the correct term and institution. If necessary, select Change Term to change between terms or institutions.
  3. Select the Class Roster icon for in the row for the appropriate class.
  1. The Class Roster page displays.
  1. Select individual students to notify.
  1. There is the option to activate Select All to notify all students.  
  2. Select Notify Selected Students to notify individually selected students.
  3. Select Notify All Students to notify all students.
  1. Enter message to student(s) in the Message Text box.
  2. Select Send Notification.
  1. Once emails are sent, a Send Notification Results will display.
  1. Process complete.


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