9.2 View Unofficial Transcript (Fluid)

Purpose: Use this document as a reference to view your unofficial transcript(s) by using the Fluid Student Academic Records tile located on the ctcLink Student Homepage.

Audience: Students

View Unofficial Transcript

Navigation:  ctcLink Student Homepage

  1. Select the Academic Records tile.
Student Home Page

To view reports, your device will need to allow popups and have a PDF viewer.

  1. The Academic Records links display in the left menu.
  2. Select View Unofficial Transcript.
Academic Records links
  1. If you are active in more than one college, a list of colleges will appear.
  2. If you are active in only one college, the Unofficial Transcript Request Page will appear.
  1. The college selection page displays.
  2. Select the appropriate college associated with the transcript request.
college selection page
  1. The View Report page displays.
  2. Access the Report Type drop-down list by pressing on the down arrow and select Unofficial Transcript.
  3. Select Submit in upper-right corner of the page.
View Report page
  1. The unofficial transcript displays in a new window.  Review it.
  2. Close the new window.
Unofficial Transcript window

If you are active at more than one college, you can select the Change button in the top-left corner and repeat steps 6 - 10  for another college.

  1. Select the View All Requested Reports tab.
  2. To view a previously requested report, select the report's checkbox.
  3. Select View Report.
View All Requested Reports tab
  1. The report displays in a new window with the previously requested Unofficial Transcript. Please note that a previously requested transcript may not have the most current data.  It is valid as of the requested date shown.
Unofficial Transcript window
  1. To delete a previously requested report, select the report's checkbox.
  2. Select the Delete button to the right of the View Report button on the right side of the screen. The deleted transcript report will no longer show on the Previous Requests list.
View All Requested Reports tab
  1. Process complete.


Hailey Runyon

My grades from Fall 2019 are not posted to my unoffical transcripts! The courses are there but no letter grade or credit fullfilment! Why?

Tanjagay Martin

Hello Hailey,
Thank you for your comment. Depending on your school's business process, grades are usually posted around the middle of the week following the end of the term. They should be available for you to view now. When you select to view your unofficial transcript, you will want to ensure that you enable (allow) your pop-ups from the site; this can prevent you from viewing your transcript. If you should have additional questions about your official or unofficial transcripts, I recommend contacting Enrollment Services--they will have access to review your account. Thank you again Hailey. Tanjagay Martin-ctcLink Trainer CS Core

Hailey Burris

Ctclink doesn’t provide college gpa? Because we used to use another system and it shows both college level gpa and cumulative gpa while ctclink only provides cumulative gpa? Because I used to take English as a second language classes, so I want to know what college Gpa only. Thank you.

Tanjagay Martin

Hi Hailey, Thank you for your comment. This is a great question. CtcLink does not distinguish between college-level and cumulative GPA. If you have any questions regarding your transcripts, we recommend contacting the Enrollment Services office at your college.

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