9.2 Verify Instructor on Instructor/Advisor Table

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to verify an instructor record exists in the Instructor/Advisor table.

Audience: Class Scheduling Staff

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When a new instructor is hired, their person information will be entered into the Human Capital Management (HCM) pillar and synched to the Campus Solutions (CS) pillar to create a person record in Campus Community. Once the record is available in Campus Solutions it can searched and an entry can be added to the Instructor/Advisor Table.  Instructors are not valid for selection in the class schedule and FWL Calculation process unless they first exist in the Instructor/Advisor Table.

Although an entry in the Instructor/Advisor Table can exist based solely on having a Person Record sync from HCM to CS, this is only one part of what is needed for an instructor to successfully calculate a contract and get paid via FWL.  Once the employee has been hired, an Employment Instance would then need to be added in HCM with an Employee Classification for FAC or PTF to be visible in FWL.  An instructor cannot generate a contract or be paid until a job record exists in HCM and accessible in FWL.

Before attempting to assign instructors any work in Schedule of Class it is recommended that the existence of their Instructor/Advisor Table entry be verified to avoid issues in FWL.

Note: An instructor working at more than one college must have an Instructor/Advisor Table entry for EACH Institution with a 01/01/1901 Effective Date.

  1. Look up the Instructor by ID or Last/First Name then click Search or select from the list.
  1. On the Instructor/Advisor Table tab in the Instructor Details section verify the following:
    1. Effective Date: Must be set to 01/01/1901.
    2. Status: Must be set to Active.
    3. Instructor Type: The value selected does not impact FWL, but should reflect the college decision on the entry chosen for their use. The values used are at the college discretion and have no bearing on pay.
    4. Academic Institution: Must be set to your college code (e.g. Clark College = WA140).
    5. Primary Academic Org: Verify that an academic organization from your college has been selected.
    6. Instructor Available: Verify the instructor is set to Available.
    7. Advisor (check box): Can be checked if they have advisor responsibilities, no bearing on pay.
  2. The Instructor/Advisor Role section has no bearing on pay:
    1. Advisor Number: Should not be blank.
    2. Career: Can be Undergraduate (UGRD) or Continuing Education (CNED).
    3. Remaining fields are optional.

Failure to add the Instructor/Advisor Table entry with an 01/01/1901 Effective Date can cause calculation failures if date is inconsistent with terms being calculated. Always use the 01/01/1901 Effective Date.

Security Access: The role allowing access to the Faculty Center is dynamically assigned once the instructor has been added to the Instructor/Advisor Table.  The process that performs this assignment runs periodically. Instructors will NOT be granted access to the Faculty Center until this entry exists and the process executes.  

College Security Managers cannot manually assign the CTC_INSTRUCTOR Role.

The Approved Courses tab fields are only required if the college has chosen to require the Instructor/Advisor record for the Academic Organization. Approved Courses limits the instructors that can be assigned to teach classes under the associated Academic Organization.

  1. On the Instructor/Advisor Table entry, click the Approved Courses Tab.
  2. In the Course Description section, verify that the Acad Org value is populated and matches the Academic Organization associated with the class the instructor will be assigned to teach.

If the Academic Organization is not listed, it can be added:

  1. Click the 'Correct History' button.
  2. Click the plus (+) symbol to add a new row.
  3. Click the Acad Org look up icon and type the 3-character college number (e.g. 140 for Clark College) to search for your college's Academic Organizations.
  4. Select the Academic Org associated with the class you intend for the instructor to teach.
  5. Click SAVE.



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