9.2 Approving Journals

Purpose:   Use this document as a reference for approving journals in ctcLink.

Audience: Financial Staff who have approval permissions

Approving Journals

Navigation: FIN > Approvals Tile

  1. From the FIN Homepage, select the Approvals tile.  The Pending Approvals page will display.
FIN Homepage
  1. On the Pending Approvals page, select Journal Entry in the Task (left) area.  The Journal Entries that are pending approval will display.
Journal Entry task area on the Pending Approvals page
  1. On the Pending Approvals page, check the box for the desired Journal Entry.  
  2. Enter a relevant Comment.
  3. Select Approve in the upper right corner. The Mass Approve pagelet will display.
  1. On the Mass Approve pagelet, comments can still be edited.
  2. Select Submit.  The Pending Approvals page will redisplay.
  1. On the Pending Approvals page, note the Journal Entry that was approved is no longer listed.
  1. Process complete.


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