9.2 Journal Inquiry

Purpose:  Use the Journal Inquiry page to view detail and summary journal information in ctcLink.

Audience:  Finance Staff

The ctcLink General Ledger application provides a series of inquiries that enable you to review ledger summary and detail information based on selected ChartField combinations.  These inquiries use several successive views that enable you to access journal line details.

ctcLink General Ledger provides these inquiries:  journal inquiry, ledger inquiry, ledger group inquiry, ledger comparisons, analytic charts, imported accounting entries inquiries, and entry event budget and general ledger adjustment accounting inquiries.  After you run an inquiry, you can specify criteria to narrow your inquiry results.

In this topic, you use the Journal Inquiry page to view journal details.

Journal Inquiry

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > General Ledger > Review Financial Information > Journals

The Journals search page displays.  By default, the Find an Existing Value tab displays.  If you have not previously created and saved an inquiry, select the Add a New Value tab to do so.

  1. Select the Inquiry Name field. Enter the desired information into the Inquiry Name field.
  2. Select the Search button.
Journals Find an Existing Value tab

The Journal Inquiry page displays.  Use it to review summary and detail journal information for a specific business unit, ledger, and period.

Enter required journal search criteria:

  1. Complete the following fields: Unit, Ledger, Year, From Period, and To Period.

Optionally you can also enter additional journal criteria to limit your search.  If you use a previously saved inquiry, the search criteria that appears is based on the last time this page was saved.  You can override the values to use different search criteria.

  1. Select the Source field and enter the desired information into the Source field.

Enter desired info (ex. AR or AP) in the Source field to return any journals that have been generated from the sub system within the specified criteria.

  1. Select the Search button to display Journal IDs that are based on your criteria.
  1. The updated Journal Inquiry page displays.  Select the Journal ID link to review Journal Header and Journal Line detail information.

The Journal Inquiry Details page displays.  It shows the journal header, currency, and line information for the journal ID that you selected.

Review the Journal Header information.

By default, the All Lines option is selected and displays all journals lines in the journal. You can enter a specific range of lines to display and select the Query Journal Lines button to display a new result set, if desired.

Use the Journal Criteria link to navigate back to the Journal Inquiry page, where you can enter new inquiry criteria.

  1. Select the Journal Criteria link.

You can enter new search criteria to start a new search.

As with Ledger Inquiry, you can create and save multiple Journal Inquiries to quickly retrieve frequently viewed data sets.

You have successfully viewed journal detail transactions of a ledger.

  1. Process complete.


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