9.2 Viewing Compensation History (ESS)

Purpose:  Use this document to view compensation history in Employee Self Service

Audience:  Employees

  1. On the Employee Self Service homepage, select the Personal Details tile.
Employee Self Service homepage
  1. In the upper left hand corner, next to employee name, select the green drop down menu arrow.
  2. Select Compensation from drop down menu.
Drop down for actions
  1. Then select Compensation History.
drop down for actions
  1. On the left hand side of the screen, you can select options to review compensation history.  By default, Salary Frequency will be shown in Annual, change if needed, then select Apply button.
Options for viewing
  1. For more details, select the arrow at the right hand side of the row that you wish to view more details.

Please Note:  Salary Change Details shows ANNUAL salary.

View chart information

Review process complete.


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