HF.002.3 Calculate and Confirm Payroll

User Acceptance Test Overview

To use this UAT guide first review the business process flow diagram below, which outlines the various steps to complete the test activities.  Note that the business process flow diagram has distinct places where one can start testing this process, noted by a green 'Start' circle.  Use the diagram, following the arrows to each step that must be executed.  Use the Quick Reference Guide (QRGs) links, also below, to find the instructions on how to execute each step.  The Quick Reference Guides are numbered to match each box on the flow diagram to assistant testers with following the flow of the business process.  Once testing is complete for each box on the flow diagram, click the link in the Next Step (Tier 2) in the High Level UAT Framework section to access the next UAT Guide.

Self-Paced Training Materials (Advanced Prep)

To prepare yourself in advance for the richest testing experience below are additional resources and (where applicable) links to relevant video content.  

Additional Resources

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Instructor-Led Training Materials and Recordings

Instructor-Led Training Materials

Training Session Recordings

Minimum Test Case (Data) Scenarios:

Scenarios for HH.002.3.1 - Run Precalculation Audit Report

  • Run Precalculation Audit Report

Scenarios for HH.002.3.2 - Run Preliminary Payroll Calculation

  • Run Preliminary Payroll Calculation

Scenarios for HH.002.3.3 - Run Payroll Error Messages

  • Run Payroll Error Message Report

Scenarios for HH.002.3.4 - Run Custom Med Aid Max Process

  • Run MedAid Max Process

Scenarios for HH.002.3.5 - Run Custom Primary Job Update

  • Run Update Primary Job process

Scenarios for HH.002.3.6 - Run Custom Union Dues Monthly Maximum Process

  • Run Union Dues Monthly Maximum process

Scenarios for HH.002.3.7 - Run Custom Deduction Prepay Process

  • Run Prepay Deduction process

Scenarios for HH.002.3.8 - Run Spending Calculation Account Spending Process

  • Run Spending Account Calculation process

Scenarios for HH.002.3.9 - Run Final Payroll Calculation Process

  • Run Final Payroll Calculation

Scenarios for HH.002.3.11 - Run Payroll Hours Adjustment Process

  • Run Payroll Hours Adjustment process

Scenarios for HH.002.3.12 - Run Preconfirmation Audit Report

  • Run Preconfirmation Audit Report

Scenarios for HH.002.3.13 - Run Payroll Confirmation

  • Run Payroll Confirmation

HH.002.3.10 - Run Payroll Error Message

  • Error Condition: Reviewing Payroll Error Messages - Negative Net Pay (For EE with 96 hours of LWO)
    • Expected Behavior: Error message should be displayed as stated (Negative Net Pay)

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Overview of User Acceptance Testing

Security Matrix Mapping Information

Security Roles Necessary for Testing

The following Quick Reference Guides (QRG) below denote the steps to execute testing. Below each QRG link the necessary Security Role(s) that are critical for testing the pages/components shown in the QRG. Each QRG may require a different Security Role.

This step in the business process is traditionally completed by administrative assistants in the Instruction Division who perform the class schedule build and assignment of faculty to classes.

PDF Version of Flow Diagram for Printing