9.2 Create Pell Origination Records

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference to selects students who have been awarded a Pell Grant to be sent to COD for origination using ctcLink.

Audience:  Financial Aid Staff

The origination record establishes a student's eligibility for a specific annual award of federal Pell Grant program funds. It includes the student's annual amount calculated by your institution and cost of attendance.

Create Pell Origination Records

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigation > Financial Aid > Pell Payment > Originate Pell Payment

The Origination search page displays.

  1. On the search page, enter a New or Existing Run Control ID.
  2. Select the Search button.  The Origination page will display.
  3. On the Origination page, enter the Institution .
  4. Enter the Aid Year - use the Aid Year in which you are processing.
  5. Enter Pell ID Reporting (Federal School Code).
  6. Leave Student Override box unchecked for batch processing.
  7. Student Override can be used when processing for individual students.
  8. Select the Run button. The Process Scheduler Request page will display.
Origination page
  1. From the Process Scheduler Request page, select the OK button. The Origination page will display.
Process Scheduler Request page
  1. On the Origination page, make note of the Process Instance number.
  2. Select the Process Monitor link.  The Process List tab will display.
Process Monitor link
  1. On the Process List page, select the Refresh button until Run Status = Success and Distribution Status = Posted.
  2. Select the Details link.  The Process Detail page will display.
Process List tab
  1. From the Process Detail page select the Message Log link.
Process Detail page
  1. The Message Log will display students who have encountered an error.  Messages will include but are not limited to:
    • Pell status is either Transmitted or On Hold
    • Student's Official EFC $$$$ exceeds the MAX EFC $$$$ on Pell Payment setup
    • Correction Status is Sent or Send for student (Referring to ISIR = Unofficial)
  2. While many of these students will appear on the Transaction Status Report, some will not.  Review and work the student list, and re-run Originate Pell Payment processes as needed.  (Note, if testing this process, running the Transaction Status Report is optional -- see steps below).
  3. The Message Log will also include totals for New and Adjusted Pell Originations.  
Message Log page
  1. The process to create a Pell origination record is now complete.
  2. End of procedure.
Run Transaction Status Report

Nav Bar > Navigator > Financial Aid > Pell Payment > Origination Reports > Transaction Status

Use the Transaction Status Report to see which Originations are "On Hold" (will not leave ctcLink due to system errors), or which ones have been set to "Review".  Perform the necessary clean-up to the records, and re-run Pell Originations again, and move the data through the steps to outbound to EdConnect*.

*If testing, data will not be imported to EdConnect.

  1. At the Transaction Status Search Criteria page, enter the desired Run Control ID.  
  2. Select the Search or Add button.
Pell Orig Trans Status Report Search Criteria page
  1. At the Pell Records by Transac Status page, enter:
    • Academic Institution = i.e., WA171
    • Aid Year = i.e., 2018
    • Pell Transac Status = .i.e., "On Hold", or "Review"
  2. Select the Run button.
Pell Records by Transac Status page with parameters defined and run button annotated
  1. At the Process Scheduler Request page, select the OK button.
Process Scheduler Request ok button
  1. Select the Process Monitor link to track the Run Status of this report.
Process Monitor link
  1. At the Process List page, ensure the job runs to Success and Posted.
  2. Select the Report Manager link.
Success Posted and Report Manager link annotated
  1. At the Report Manager page, select the .pdf file link, which takes you to the Report page.
  1. Select the Pell Records by Trans Status.pdf link again to open the report.
  1. The Report displays.  Review the students on the report.
  2. End of procedure.
Pell report