9.2 Post a Student Payment

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for processing a student payment for one charge in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Financials Staff

Navigation:  Navigator > Student Financials > Cashiering > Post Student Payments

  1. Enter the appropriate information into the fields on the Add a New Value tab of the Student Payments page.
    1. Business Unit
    2. Cashiers Office
    3. ID
    4. Leave the Receipt Number as the defaulted value. ctcLink will auto-assign a receipt number.
  2. Select the Add button.
Add a New Value tab

Note: If a message appears stating 'Tuition Calculation is Required' select the OK button to allow Tuition Calculation to run to process transactions such as enrollment or drop. Tuition will calculate when you select OK and the most updated balance will display.

  1. Enter appropriate information into the fields on the Student Payments page.
    1. Ref Nbr: Optional.
    2. Target: Enter or select the payment type.
    3. Term: Enter the term in which the payment should be applied to on the student's account.
    4. Amount: Enter the payment amount.
    5. Tender: Enter or select the method of payment. (The Tender type and Target type should be the same.)
  2. Select the Select Charges to Pay link to specify the charges to apply the payment to.
Student Payments
  1. Enter the amounts to apply to each charge.
  2. Select the OK button.
Select Charges to Pay
  1. Select the Tender Details link to access the Check Information page for optional check detail entry.
    1. For Credit Card payments, Cybersource will open for entry of credit card information.
    2. For Cash payments no additional tender detail is required.
    3. For Debit Card payments, use your local debit card process for card swiping and pin entry by the student.
  2. Select the OK button.
Check Information
  1. Select the Create Receipt button.
Student Payments
  1. A .pdf of the receipt is viewed on the screen for printing or saving depending on local process. A sample is shown below. Close the .pdf to return to the Student Payments page.
Student Payment Receipt
  1. The Create Receipt button becomes the Print Receipt button for additional print options depending upon local printing setup.
  2. To start another student payment transaction, select the New Transaction button to return to the Student Payments search page or use the Go to links to view Academic Information or Student Accounts detail.
Student Payments

Review Payments

Navigation:  Navigator > Student Financials > Cashiering > Review Student Payments

  1. Enter the Business Unit, Receipt Number and select the Search button OR
  2. Scroll to and select the cashier’s User ID to review transactions processed by the cashier.
  3. The Receipt Detail page provides an option to print a receipt for a student from an earlier cashiering transaction.
  4. Notice the Receipt Status is "Posted".
Receipt Detail


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