Processing Co-Op Contracts - SPOKANE ONLY

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for how to process Co-operative Education contracts at Community Colleges of Spokane.


Audience: Class Scheduling Staff


Main Menu → Curriculum Management → Schedule of Classes → Maintain Schedule of Classes

Main Menu → Curriculum Management → CTC Custom → Faculty Workload  → Faculty Workload Processing  → FWL Calculation Process

Main Menu → Curriculum Management → CTC Custom → Faculty Workload → Faculty Workload Transaction → Maintain Faculty Workload

Main Menu → Curriculum Management → CTC Custom → Faculty Workload → Faculty Workload Processing → FWL Contract Generation


Calculating Cooperative Eduction (Co-Op) contracts (K01-K17, KF1) applies to both Co-Op Experiences (Clinical) and Co-Op Seminars (Lecture).  At Community Colleges of Spokane instructor pay for Co-Op classes is based on the number of students enrolled, divided by the max of 60.  For example, 10 students enrolled divided by 60 student max equates to 16.667% FTE.  That FTE% is then multiplied against the standard Term Max Load Rate, the maximum amount an adjunct faculty could be paid if working 100% FTE.  The resulting value is the amount of pay the instructor is eligible for.  The Term Contact Hours of the contract is calculated by multiplying the FTE% by the total hours for workload category A (165 hours).  The Load Factor in the Schedule of Class is not a factor in Co-Op pay.

Note: For Spokane the Assignment Type naming convention begins with 2 to 4 characters code that specify the division issuing the contract (noted by ‘DDDD’ in the example below) for Co-Op contracts the Assignment Type is followed by [C].  If a division has a contract calculation created to calculate Co-Op as part of regular Full Time load then an Assignment Type will be visible in Schedule of Class that is followed by [CO], for Co-Op - FTE Only.

DDDD’ [C] - Co-Op (payable)

‘DDDD’ [CO] - Co-Op (FTE Only)

Checklist Steps for Co-Op Contracts (Spokane Only)

  • Confirm the instructor exists on the Instructor/Adviser Table for the institution with an Effective Date of 01/01/1901.
  • Add the Instructor to class in Schedule of Class once, using the Co-Op Assignment Type, using the plus (+) symbol to add a new row if needed:
    • Ensure that the Empl Record Number is that of the correct job record.
      • If hired after Term start, use system default of 0 and override the Empl Rcd Nbr in the FWL Grid, adjusting start date and prorating Term Max Load Rate if needed.
    • Note: Load Factor is left at 100%, as it is not a factor in Co-Op calculations.
  • Run FWL Calculation Process to Load the FWL Grid.
  • Update FWL Grid-Tab 3 to enter the number of students enrolled.
  • Click Save.
  • Process a FWL Recalculation.
  • Review and confirm Calculation Results tab.
  • Review the Pay Line, if needed, update Earn Code and Combo Code.
  • Run FWL Contract Generation.
  • Verify the online contract/appointment letter.
  • Update Notes/Comments tab with HCM for HR review.
  • Ensure Dean/Administrator approves the contract.
  • Ensure instructor has gone into Faculty Center and signed the contract.

Note: To confirm an instructor has a record on the Instructor/Adviser Table, refer to the Quick Reference Guide - Adding and Instructor to the Instructor/Adviser Table.

Add Instructor Assignment in Schedule of Class

  1. In Schedule of Class, use the search feature to open the Co-Op class and click on the Meetings tab.
  2. In the Instructors for Meeting Pattern section, on the Assignment tab, enter the Empl ID of the instructor or use the Look Up to search by name.
  3. Also on the Assignment tab, enter the Empl Rcd# or use the Look Up.
  4. Click the Workload tab.
Meetings tab
  1. On the Workload tab, in the Assign Type field, click the drop-down menu and select the appropriate Assignment Type value for your division with the [C] for Co-Op (unless processing for Full Time Faculty [FAC] at regular load [FTE Only] - then use [CO] Assignment Type if configured for your division).
  2. Load Factor can be ignored as it is not used in the calculation.
  3. Click Save.
Workload tab

Note: Not sure how to run the FWL Calculation Process to load the FWL Grid?  Refer to the Quick Reference Guide - FWL Calculation Process (Batch).

Update Maintain Faculty Workload

  1. After the FWL Calculation Process has been run to load the FWL Grid, navigate to the Maintain Faculty Workload page.
  2. On the Calculation Result page.  The Contract Type for Co-Op should appear with 0.00 FTE% and $0 Total Pay.  In order to generate FTE % and pay, the number of enrolled students on the 10th day must be entered into the FWL Grid.
    • If the calculation result doesn't appear check the following:
      • Is the Empl Rcd Nbr entered in Schedule of Class for an active FAC or PTF job?
      • Is the Subject and Component configured for the Co-Op contract or is the first time this combination has been offered?
Contract Type
  1. Click on the FWL Grid tab.
  2. On the FWL Grid page, click the Third tab.
  3. Add the number of enrolled students on the census date of the class to the Student Census Enrolled field.
  4. Click Save.
FWL Grid tab

Tip: Did you know you can re-organize the fields you see on the FWL Grid?  Just click the Personalize link and re-order the fields.  Want all the most relevant fields on the First Tab, just use the fields you want in the Column Order and move them up to the top under the Tab First Tab (frozen) header.  You can also hide fields that aren't important to you.  This formatting will be tied to only your login and will follow you wherever you go when you login to ctcLink.

  1. Click the HCM Data tab, click the Recalc All button.
  2. At the 'Are you sure you want to Recalculate all the contracts?' message, click the Yes button.  
HCM Data Page tab
  1. The system wait icon will appear in the upper, right hand corner of the screen.
System icon
  1. When the calculation is complete the screen will refresh and display a draft Pay Line and updated Calculation Results.
CS to HCM Pay Line
  1. Click the Calculation Results tab. Verify the results (FTE%, Pay, Term Contact Hours) are accurate for the student count.
Contract Type
  1. If Calculation Results are accurate, click on the HCM Data tab, and verify/update the Pay Line Earnings Code and Account Code (combo code) on the Second tab.
Look Up Earnings Code
Look Up Account Code
  1. After all lines have been updated, click Save.
CS to HCM Pay Line

Generation and Review Online Contract

Note: Not sure how to run the FWL Contract Generation Process to generate the online contract/appointment letter?  Refer to the Quick Reference Guide - FWL Contract Generation (Batch).

  1. After the contract has been generated, navigate back to Maintain Faculty Workload, on the HCM Data tab, in the HCM Data Contract Info section, click the View Contract link for the Co-Op contract type (e.g. K01) to open the online contract and verify the details.
HCM Data Page tab
  1. (optional) Add any comments you deem necessary to communicate information for this specific contract to the instructor.
    • If comments added, click Save then Return.  
    • If no comments added, click Return to exit the contract view and return to the FWL page.
Contract Information
Return Save Approve Rescind

Add Note for HR Review

  1. After the contract is verified and any comments have been added, click the FWL Notes/Comments tab to update the notes with HCM in the first three positions.  This will cause this contract to appear on the report run by HR noting which contracts area ready for HR review.  If entries already exist on this page, click the Plus (+) symbol to add a new Sequence Number to enter a fresh comment.
  2. Click Save.
FWL Notes Comments tab
  1. Ensure Dean/Administrator approves the contract.
  2. Ensure instructor has gone into Faculty Center and signed the contract.