9.2 Adding Buildings

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for adding buildings in ctcLink.

Audience: Course schedulers and room schedulers

Adding Buildings

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Set Up SACR > Foundation Tables > Facilities > Building Table

Define all campus buildings that you might use in class and event scheduling. Building codes that you create here are prompt values on the Facility Table page.

  1. The Building Table search page displays.
  2. Select Add a New Value.
  3. Enter Building code.  This is a global table, so a naming convention has been designated for determining the 1st two characters of the 8 characters available.  Please see the chart at the end of this document which shows the college naming conventions.  The last three characters should reflect the building number or off-site location.  This is an alpha-numeric field.
  4. Select Add.
Building Table Add a New Value tab

On the Building Table page, the Effective Date defaults to today’s date and can be overwritten.  The Status defaults to Active.  Buildings no longer being used can be changed to Inactive Status.

  1. The Building Table page displays.
  2. The Description and Short Description are required fields on this page.  Latitude and Longitude are optional.
  3. Select Save
Building Table page
  1. College naming conventions to be used for buildings:
College Naming Conventions table
  1. Process complete.


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