9.2 Entering Residency

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for entering residency data in ctcLink.

Audience: College staff responsible for maintaining student information

Entering Residency

Navigation:  NavBar > Navigator > Campus Community > Personal Information (Student) > Identification (Student) > Residency Data

  1. The Residency Data search page displays.
  2. Enter Selection Criteria to identify your student.
  3. Select Search.
Residency Data search page
  1. The Residency Official 1 tab displays.
  2. Enter Institution.
  3. Enter Effective Term.
  4. Select Residency.
  5. Enter Residency Date.
  6. Adjust Additional Residency Data section as needed.
  1. Tuition Residency Exceptions can be selected by changing the Tuition Residency. Use the drop menus to change the Tuition field to In State and the appropriate exception reason from the Tuition Residency Exception.
  2. Select Residency Official 2.

Legacy Field/Value - PS Residency Exception Description table below.

Legacy Field/Value PS Residency Exception Description
Stu-YRQ-M. Fee-Pay-Stat = 09 Active Duty Military and Dependent
Stu-YRQ-M. Fee-Pay-Stat = 25 American Indian
Stu-YRQ-M. Fee-Pay-Stat = 30 Border County
Stu-YRQ-M. Fee-Pay-Stat = 36 In State High School Grad
Not being mapped or converted High School Grad Seek Re
aka HB1079
Not being mapped or converted S&D of Active Military OFS
aka spouse and/or dependents of Active Military Stationed in WA
Not being mapped or converted E-3, H-1 or L Visa & Family
  1. The Residency Official 2 tab displays.
  2. Enter relevant data.
  3. Select Residency Appeal tab.
Residency Official 2 tab
  1. The Residency Appeal tab displays.
  2. Enter data related to a change of status, such as out of state vs in state tuition.
  3. Select Residency Self-Report.
Residency Appeal tab
  1. The Residency Self-Report tab displays.
  2. Enter unverified, self-reported residency information for the student.
  3. Select Save.
Residency Self-Report tab
  1. Process complete.


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