9.2 ESS Paycheck Modeler (Fluid)

Purpose:  Use this document as a reference for how to simulate a mock/model check in ctcLink.

Audience:  All Staff.

Paycheck Modeler lets employees simulate their own paychecks, investigate their own what-if scenarios, and answer most of their own questions without having to call payroll department for assistance.

Paycheck Modeler

Navigation:  Employee Self Service (Homepage) > Payroll (Tile) > Paycheck Modler (Tile)

Payroll tile
  1. The Payroll page displays.
  2. Select the Paycheck Modeler tile.
Paycheck Modeler tile

Step 1 - Start

  1. The Start page displays.
  2. After reviewing terms and conditions, Select the checkbox "Yes I have reviewed and agree to the terms and conditions above".
  3. Select the Let's Get Started button.

Step 2 - Earnings

The earning step shows all the standard earnings of the employee from Job record and picks up the pay rate based upon the last confirmed paycheck. The earnings step allows to add/edit/delete any earnings.

Note: The value of Earnings should have a value that is greater than zero to move on to define the deductions.

  1. The Earnings page displays.
  2. Review/edit actions for this page if needed.
  3. Select the Next button.

Step 3 - Deductions

The deduction step shows all the standard deductions. Employee can add/edit/update the deductions. It works same as earnings . Garnishments are special consideration here, as employee is not allowed to update the garnishments but can set it to zero

  1. The Deductions page displays.
  2. Select the Edit icon for applicable row(s) as needed.
  3. Select the Clear Amount icon to remove applicable deductions.
  4. Select the Next button.

Step 4 - Taxes

Employee’s tax information can be updated in the tax step, based on the current tax information.

  1. The Taxes page displays.
  2. Select the Edit icon in the Federal field.
  1. The Federal Tax Withholding pagelet displays.
  2. Edit as needed.
  3. Select the OK button to close the pagelet and return to the Taxes page.
  4. Select the Next button.
Federal tax withholding pagelet

Step 5 - Calculate

Calculate step calculates the model check based on the changes made. Once the employee has made changes, the “Calculate My Modeled Check” button is available on the Paycheck Modeler Calculate page. The Next button remains unavailable until after the user selects the Calculate My Modeled Check button. When the modeled check is calculated, a message appears and the Next button becomes available.

  1. The Calculate page displays.
  2. Select the Calculate My Modeled Check button.
  1. A confirmation message displays.
  2. Select OK to close the message window.
  3. Select the Next button.
confirmation message for calculate step

Step 6 - Results

The sample paycheck will now appear on the Paycheck Modeler, the results are based on the changes that are done by the employee in the previous 5 steps.

  1. The process to use the paycheck modeler is now complete.
  2. End of procedure.


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