9.2 Cancel Absence Request & Re-Submit Request

Purpose: Use this document as a reference to Cancel Absence Request and Resubmitting Absence Request for the same day.

Audience:  Employees.

Cancel Absence Request

Navigation: Employee Self Service (Homepage) > Time (Tile) > Cancel Absence (Tile)

  1. On the Employee Self Service page, select the Time tile.
Employee Self Service page
  1. On the Time page, select the Cancel Absence tile.
Time tile
  1. On the Cancel Absence page, select the arrow on the right side of the date of request you choose to cancel.
Cancel Absences page, view requests section
  1. The Request Details page will display. On this page, select the Cancel Absence button and when you see a message, select the Yes button.
  2. Next, select the Return to Cancel Absences link in the upper left hand corner.
  3. The process to cancel an absence request is now complete.
Absence Details section

Re-Submitting an Absence Request for the Same Day

  1. Navigate back to the Time page.  From the page, select the View Requests tile.
Time page
  1. On the View Requests page, select Canceled Absence Request that you wish to re-submit (for the same day).
View Requests page
  1. The Request Details will show a status of Canceled.
Request Details page
  1. Make changes to the request then select the Submit button.  The status will change from Canceled to Submitted.
  2. The process to re-submit a canceled absence request (for the same day) is now complete.
Request Details page


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