Third Party Contract Invoice Query

Purpose:   This query produces an invoice that includes both student cost and registration data.

Audience: Student Financials staff

Process the below query after successfully running the Print Invoice step of the QRG 9.2 Invoice a Third Party Contract. Use the TPC_REF template when invoicing because the student's social security number is available (called National ID or NID) within this query's parameters. 

User's of this query should have highly sensitive data security with one of the following roles:


Query Processing Steps

Navigation:  Reporting Tools > BI Publisher > Query Report Scheduler

  1. Add a New Value:  Run Control ID
Run Control ID entry page for the query report scheduler.
  1. Data Source Type:  Connected Query
  2. Report Name:  BCS_3PST_IVC
Query report scheduleer page partially completed
  1. Query Parameters:
    1. Unit:  College Code
    2. Prompt for Invoice Start:  ex.  WA010TPC000000000000XX
    3. and Invoice End Range:  ex WA010TPC000000000000XX
    4. or Contract #: ex. WA010_2205_VA_TF or U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs
    5. Include NID?:  Select check box to include each student’s Social Security Number.
Query parameter inputs
  1. Template As Of Date:  Date you start using the query, then any query template change thereafter
  2. Select the Run button.
Query report scheduler page with fields completed
  1. Process Scheduler:  BI Publisher Query Report is checked
  2. Select Okay.
Process scheduler image
  1. Process Monitor:  Run Status = Success & Distribution Status = Posted
  2. Select Report Manager.
Process monitor image
  1. Select PDF.

Process Complete

Error Message indicating missing highly sensitive query security:

ctcLink warning message

Example of invoice:

Example of contract


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