9.2 Invoice a Third Party Contract

Purpose: Use this document as a reference for creating and generating corporate invoices in ctcLink.

Audience: Student Financials staff

Creating a Billing Request

Navigation:  Navigator > Student Financials > Bill Customers > Corporate Bills > Create Billing Request

  1. The Billing Request Corp search page displays.
  2. Select the Add a New Value tab.
  3. Enter Business Unit.
  4. Bill by Option - Bill per Contract (C)
  5. Select Add.
Billing Request Corp Add a New Value tab
  1. The Billing Request 1 tab displays.  Note that the Billing Request Nbr is 9999999999.  This will update when the request is saved. Make note of the billing request number to use for the generate process.
  2. Enter or select the Billing ID.
  3. Edit the Invoice Date if necessary (default value is the current date).
  4. Check box for Invoice per Student if the Third Party requires a separate invoice per student.
  5. Enter the Due Date or Due Days.
  6. Enter the Term and Due Date or Due Days for charges for the corresponding Term.
  7. Select the Billing Request 2 tab.
Billing Request 1 tab
  1. The Billing Request 2 tab displays.
  2. Select the Bill Term. (One term recommended)
    1. If One Term is selected, enter the From Term.
    2. If Term Range is selected, enter the From Term and To Term.
  3. Enter or select TPC_REF or (if you want the SS# on it, use TPC_SSN) for the Invoice Layout.
  4. Select XML Publisher in Output Format.
  5. To include pending aid on the bill select the terms in the Aid Term From and To fields (optional).
  6. ctcLink recommends selecting Override Address Info, Address not Required, and Print Zero Bill.
  7. Select Save.
Billing Request 2 tab

Note - The Billing Request Nbr has changed from 9999999999 to its permanent, unique value.

Generating Invoices

Navigation:  Navigator > Student Financials > Bill Customers > Corporate Bills > Generate Invoice

  1. The Generate Invoice run control ID search page displays.
  2. Select the Add a New Value tab.
  3. Enter Run Control ID.
  4. Select Add.
Generate Invoice Add a New Value tab
  1. The Generate Invoice page displays.
  2. Enter the Business Unit and Billing Request Number from the Creating a Billing Request section above.
  3. Select Run.  Please refer to the Process Scheduling QRG for further instructions.
Generate Invoice page
  1. Process complete.
Printing a Third Party Invoice

Navigation:  Student Financials > Bill Customers > Corporate Bills > Print Invoice

  1. Search for an existing Run Control ID or select the Add a New Value tab and create a new one. Once you have saved a Run Control ID for a given process it will be available for future use.
  2. Select Add or Search.
Image of Print Invoice Other Corp page with Add button highlighted
  1. Populate the Business Unit.
  2. Print by Value of:  Corp ID, Billing Request Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Range.
    1. Additional fields are needed depending on the Print by Value.
Image of Corporation Invoice Other page
  1. Populate the check box next to Override Bill Request Layout.
  2. In the Invoice Layout field, use the search glass to select:
    1. TPC_REF
    2. TPC_SSN  (if SSN required)
  3. Select the appropriate Contact Type to reflect the correct address on the template.
  4. Populate the check box next to:
    1. Override Address Info
    2. Address not required
    3. Print Zero Bill (pre-populated)
    4. Use Email Address (if applicable) 
  5. Select the Run button.
  1. Populate the check box for Print Invoices (not Print Non-Jetforms Invoice.)
  2. Select the OK button.
Process Scheduler Request page
  1. Select the Process Monitor link.
Process Monitor link highlighted
  1. Once the process has run to Success and Posted, select the Go back to Print Invoice Other Corp link.
  1. Select the Report Manager link.
  1. Select the PDF beneath the Report column.

Validate the data generated in the PDF.  Be sure to review the header/footer and the data within.


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