Purpose: Use this document as a reference for logging into the PBCS Budgeting Tool for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Audience: Budget Development Staff Testers

For New Users, oracle automatically sends an email from Oracle Cloud [email protected] when your user access has been established in PBCS. However, security roles need to be assigned by SBCTC Admin before you can log in. Please wait until Admin sends a confirmation that your access setup has been completed. When that is received, click the Access your Cloud Services link within the Oracle Cloud email.

Recommended Browser: The most recent version of Firefox or Chrome. Most of functionality is not working on internet explorer.

The URL can be bookmarked.

When you enter the link into your browser, you will see the following page.  For User Acceptance Testing (UAT) ensure that the identity domain of the environment is a563320 before logging in.  

You must log in using SBCTC Okta.  Entering a User Name and Password will result in an error.

Once you have logged in, you can verify that you are in the test instance by looking at the URL.  Notice that the URL has the word “Test” in it.  If your URL does not have the word test in it, then you are in the Production environment.

PBCS Home Page


Use the Navigator menu to access functions, applications settings and preferences. Under the

Preferences link, you can manage several personal preferences such as display

options and printing options. For example, in display options you can change the number formatting

such as negative number display and thousand separator.


Use the Home button to quickly return to the home screen from any window.

Accessibility Settings

Use the Accessibility Settings button to apply the screen reader mode or high contrast.


Use the Settings and Actions drop down link to sign out, view the Oracle-provided help

documentation and sign out.

Function Icons

Use the various function icons to access functions assigned to your role in PBCS.


Any Announcement posted by Admin will show here.

A timeout will occur if you leave the application open for 20 minutes without any activity. If this happens, click the OK button to return to the login screen.

Logging out of PBCS

Log out of PBCS by selecting the drop down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner of the window, then select Sign Out.

A second Sign Out window will appear, click Cancel to remain logged in to PBCS. Click OK to continue logging out. You will then be returned to a Sign out of Oracle Cloud window, click Ok. You must complete this to completely log out of PBCS.

Login information will be provided by SBCTC, with the approval from your college.  End users will receive an email from Oracle Cloud with login information.  

Security options will be at either the WRITE or READ level, unless otherwise determined.

Security Pre-Condition:

1. Security role of Read or Write access in needed

2. Smart View installed on computer

For more information please see the PBCS Smart View Installation Guidelocated in the cDR.


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