Copy Equipment Record (Re-tag)

Purpose: These instructions can be used when you need to re-tag an asset or if you are processing a replacement piece of equipment for another that has/will be disposed.

Audience: Any DirectLine user that maintains equipment records.

Megamation DirectLine - Eqp Inventory Entry

A blank Equipment Inventory Screen will appear.

  1. Enter the ID number of the existing record if known, or use the magnifier to search for the piece of equipment you want.
  2. Click OK when you've found the record you want.
  1. The equipment record will populate the screen.
Eqp Inventory page
  1. Click the File dropdown.
  2. Click the Save As option.
Eqp Inventory File Dropdown
  1. Enter the new Asset Number (State Tag number).
  2. Click the OK button.
Save As popup
  1. You will now see 2 equipment records.  Your original record will be in the back with the new record on top. Edit the new record with correct serial number and any other data pertinent to the new piece of equipment.
Eqp Inventory Entry - ID field
  1. Click the Save icon and both records will updated.
Save icon

You may need to dispose of the original piece of equipment.  Please refer to the user guide Enter Equipment Disposal - Surplus and Approval List.

  1. Return to the DirectLine home screen.
Return button


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